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what are cherry pickers

What are Cherry Pickers?

Cherry pickers, also known as aerial work platforms or elevated work platforms, are versatile and specialized pieces of equipment used in various industries. These machines are primarily designed to provide safe and efficient access to elevated areas, allowing workers to reach heights that would otherwise be impossible or extremely dangerous.

Cherry pickers are commonly used in construction, maintenance, and other industries where working at heights is a regular requirement. They consist of a platform or bucket attached to a hydraulic lifting system, which is mounted on a truck or a self-propelled base. The platform can be raised, lowered, and maneuvered to different positions, providing workers with a stable and secure working platform.

One of the main advantages of cherry pickers is their ability to reach great heights while ensuring the safety of workers. With the use of these machines, workers can easily access tall buildings, bridges, or other structures, enabling them to perform tasks such as maintenance, repair, or installation with ease and precision.

Cherry pickers come in various sizes and configurations to suit different job requirements. Some models have articulated booms that provide flexibility in reaching around obstacles, while others have telescopic booms that offer extended reach. Additionally, there are also specialized cherry pickers designed for specific tasks, such as tree trimming or electrical work.

What is Plant Hire and How Does it Relate to Cherry Pickers?

Plant hire refers to the renting or leasing of machinery, equipment, or tools for a specific period of time. It is a cost-effective solution for businesses or individuals who require access to specialized equipment without the need for long-term ownership or maintenance.

Cherry pickers are often available for hire through plant hire companies. These companies offer a wide range of equipment, including cherry pickers, to meet the diverse needs of different industries. By opting for plant hire services, businesses can access cherry pickers and other necessary equipment without the burden of purchasing, storing, and maintaining them.

Plant hire provides several benefits for businesses. Firstly, it allows them to have access to the latest and most advanced equipment, ensuring efficiency and productivity. Additionally, plant hire companies take care of the maintenance, servicing, and repairs of the equipment, reducing the downtime and costs associated with breakdowns.

By utilizing plant hire services for cherry pickers, businesses can focus on their core operations without the hassle of equipment management. They can hire cherry pickers for specific projects or periods of high demand, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution.

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