Site Water Services

We provide nationwide bulk water delivery for construction, commercial, and industrial sites, available both as one-off or scheduled services for a variety of uses from water bowser water refills to the supply or non-potable water.

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Construction Site Water Supply

Water Bowser Refills

Our water bowser refills service provides nationwide bulk water delivery tailored for diverse needs including construction, commercial, and industrial sites. Available for one-time or regular scheduled deliveries, our fleet ranges from 1,000 to 15,000 liters. This service supports various applications such as replenishing facility supplies, filling mortar silos, and dust suppression, ensuring efficient operation at construction sites, commercial properties, educational institutions, and portable accommodations. Choose us for reliable non-potable water delivery.

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Non-Potable Water Delivery

We specialize in nationwide delivery of clean, non-potable water suitable for various applications, including replenishing welfare facilities and supplying construction sites. Our efficient service ensures that your specific water needs are met promptly and reliably, wherever you are located. Trust us to provide the essential non-potable water your site requires for smooth and safe operations. Please note this water is not for drinking. It is your responsibility to mark all taps and outlets accordingly.

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Water Tank and IBC Water Refills

We offer nationwide refilling services for plastic IBC water cage tanks on construction, commercial, and industrial sites. Our fleet of tankers, ranging from 1,000 to 15,000 liters, is ready for both one-off and scheduled refills. The non-potable water we supply is ideal for various applications including replenishing welfare units, filling mortar silos, traffic barriers, dust suppression, and event obstacles, ensuring your operations have the necessary resources.

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Water refills for toilets and sinks

We provide nationwide water refills for welfare facilities and portable accommodations. Whether you need service for static holding tanks supplying welfare units or inflatable water tanks, our extensive capacity ensures reliable delivery. Our water refills support a variety of site needs, keeping operations running smoothly with minimal disruption. Trust us to efficiently manage the water supply for your welfare facilities, wherever they are located.

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Emergency Bottled Water

Bulk Water Supply and Emergency Water Delivery

We offer emergency water supply via water tankers nationwide, ensuring rapid response and reliable delivery for any situation. Our extensive fleet is ready to support your urgent water needs, guaranteeing minimal disruption and maximum efficiency across all locations. Trust us for immediate, dependable service.

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Temporary Bulk Water Supply Solutions

We offer reliable temporary water supply via water tankers across the nation. Our service caters to all types of needs, from welfare facilities to portable accommodations, ensuring timely and efficient delivery regardless of location. Trust us to maintain smooth operations with our comprehensive water supply solutions.

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More About Our Building Site Welfare Services

Euroloo ensures that construction site welfare is upheld by complying with HSE policies. We provide necessary amenities such as drinking water, toilets, washing facilities, and shelters, which include spaces for rest, warmth, and eating, to support workers at stationary or remote sites.

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