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Tailored for clubs, communities, and social groups hosting small to medium-sized events from a classic car rally to school fete our Premium Event Toilets are available in configurations of two, six, eight and ten toilets and are a familiar site throughout the year at local events.


Our most popular configuration is two Premuim Event Toilets that gives guests a convenient his and her’s toilet option.

Make sure everyone’s accounted for with four toilets. No more long queues for the loo at your events.

Perfect for a mid-size event to make sure all your guests are accounted for!

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Our disabled access portable toilets feature ample space, built-in handrails, and easy-open auto-lock doors.

Six-person freestanding urinal bay, providing a practical and hygienic solution for your private party.

Free-standing hand wash stations offering a hygienic solution for your guests.

euroloo: Supporting Club, Community, and Social Events with Premium  Sanitation Services

At euroloo, we grasp the unique requirements of organisers managing club, community, and social events. We offer more than just sanitation solutions; we serve as a strategic ally, dedicated to delivering sustainable and effective sanitation services that enhance the comfort and enjoyment of attendees while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Adaptable Solutions for Every Event Type:

  • Eco-Friendly Sanitation Facilities: Given the environmental concerns today, euroloo provides a variety of green sanitation options. Our water-efficient portable toilets and solar-powered units are designed to reduce the ecological footprint of your event.

  • Efficient Waste Management and Eco-Responsibility: We do more than supply toilets; euroloo ensures that waste is managed and disposed of responsibly, minimizing environmental harm and showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Attendance:

  • Accessible and Inclusive Facilities: Recognizing the necessity for inclusivity at events, euroloo offers a range of accessible sanitation options to accommodate all guests, ensuring everyone can enjoy the event comfortably and safely.

  • Flexible and Scalable Sanitation Services: Whether your event is small or large, euroloo’s scalable solutions adapt seamlessly to meet your needs, helping manage everything from intimate gatherings to large-scale festivals efficiently.

Enhancing Efficiency in Event Management:

  • Rapid and Streamlined Service: Understanding the fast-paced nature of events, euroloo ensures quick delivery, setup, and maintenance of sanitation facilities, keeping your event on schedule and your attendees satisfied.

  • Personalized Account Support: We value strong client relationships. Each event organizer is paired with a dedicated account manager to streamline communication and enhance service delivery, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

  • Comprehensive UK Coverage and Local Insight: With facilities throughout the UK, euroloo guarantees prompt support and thorough understanding of local requirements, ensuring compliance and ease for every event.

Partnering for Success:

Choosing euroloo means partnering with a leader in sustainable and efficient sanitation services, dedicated to enhancing the experience at your club, community, and social events. We help you provide a welcoming, clean, and accessible environment for all attendees, contributing to the success of your event.

Moreover, euroloo can enhance your event by:

  • Offering onsite training for your staff on best practices in sanitation and sustainability.
  • Collaborating to develop innovative methods to conserve water and reduce waste at your events.

Opt for euroloo and see how a dedicated sanitation partner can elevate the success of your event.

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