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We are committed to enhancing the experience at your events and operations with our sustainable, efficient, and reliable event toilet hire services.
Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your sanitation needs is managed with precision and care, so you can focus on hosting successful a memorable event and that you return to us year after year.

Our most popular configuration is two Premuim Event Toilets that gives guests a convenient his and her’s toilet option.

Make sure everyone’s accounted for with four toilets. No more long queues for the loo at your events.

Perfect for a mid-size event to make sure all your guests are accounted for!

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Our disabled access portable toilets feature ample space, built-in handrails, and easy-open auto-lock doors.

Six-person freestanding urinal bay, providing a practical and hygienic solution for your private party.

Free-standing hand wash stations offering a hygienic solution for your guests.

euroloo: Enhancing Festivals, Sports Events, and Commercial Spaces with Premium Sanitation Solutions

At euroloo, we recognize the unique needs of the festivals, sports, and commercial sectors. We are more than just a toilet supplier; we’re a strategic partner dedicated to delivering a range of sanitation and welfare solutions that are both sustainable and highly efficient, ensuring your events and operations run smoothly.

Sustainable Solutions for Diverse Event Types:

  • Eco-Friendly Sanitation Options: For sectors such as festivals and sports events, sustainability is crucial. euroloo offers a variety of environmentally friendly sanitation solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our water-saving portable toilets and solar-powered ecoWELFARE units help reduce the environmental impact of your events.

  • Minimizing Waste and Promoting Responsible Disposal: We do more than provide toilets. euroloo offers comprehensive effluent waste services, ensuring proper and responsible disposal of waste generated at your events. This minimizes environmental contamination and demonstrates your commitment to sustainable practices.

Catering to a Diverse Audience:

  • Inclusive and Accessible Sanitation: Recognizing the importance of inclusivity at festivals and sports events, euroloo provides a range of accessible toilets suitable for all attendees, ensuring everyone has access to clean and comfortable facilities, which enhances well-being and engagement.

  • Scalable Solutions for Any Size Event: As your festival or sports event grows, euroloo offers flexible sanitation services that can scale effectively. Whether you need a few portable toilets for a small gathering or a comprehensive network of facilities for a major event, we adapt to meet your needs efficiently.

Maximizing Efficiency for Festivals, Sports Events, and Commercial Operations:

  • Streamlined Service and Prompt Response: Understanding the time-sensitive nature of festivals and sports events, euroloo offers a streamlined service featuring rapid delivery, installation, and regular servicing of all sanitation units, minimizing downtime and keeping your schedule on track.

  • Dedicated Account Support: Building strong relationships is essential. euroloo assigns a dedicated account manager to each client in the festivals, sports, and commercial sectors, ensuring you have a single point of contact for all your sanitation needs, which fosters clear communication and efficient service delivery.

  • Nationwide Coverage with Local Expertise: With depots across the UK, euroloo guarantees fast response times and dedicated support, no matter the location of your event or operation. Our local teams are well-versed in regional regulations and permitting requirements, ensuring smooth and compliant event management.

Building Success Together:

By choosing euroloo, you’re partnering with a provider committed to delivering sustainable, efficient, and compliant sanitation solutions for your festival, sports event, or commercial operation. We help create a clean, comfortable, and inclusive environment for all participants, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing operational success.

Additionally, euroloo can further support your projects by:

  • Offering on-site training programs for staff on proper sanitation practices and responsible waste disposal.
  • Collaborating with you to explore innovative solutions for reducing water consumption and waste generation at your events.

Choose euroloo and experience the difference a dedicated sanitation partner can make in the success of your festivals, sports events, and commercial projects.

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