euroloo is on a journey to prioritise sustainability in our toilet hire and welfare services, actively reducing environmental impact while ensuring a safe workplace, guided by our evolving sustainability management system.

β€œOur journey reflects a conscious effort to not only meet today’s needs but to safeguard our environment for tomorrow. It’s a commitment that transcends our services, embedding sustainability at the heart of everything we do. From reducing our environmental footprint to embracing innovative technologies, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact. This is our promise to you and the generations to come.” 

Gary Mead
CEO & Founder


Environmental Integrity

At euroloo, we prioritise sustainability in our toilet hire and welfare services, continuously innovating to reduce waste and conserve resources. Our commitment extends to meeting and exceeding current needs while safeguarding the environment for the future.

We emphasise transparency and accountability, regularly updating stakeholders on our progress. Our goal is to make a lasting, positive impact on the planet and its people.

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Sustainability is at the core of our toilet hire and welfare service. We are dedicated to responsibly managing our business activities to minimize resource use and environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability guides us in enhancing our products and services, diminishing the environmental footprint of our operations, and ensuring a respectful and secure workplace for our team. 

Our toilet range is proudly made from

Recyclable Plastics
0 %

Your hires have helped contribute to over

Trees planted
0 mil

Globally, portable toilets save a daily average

Litres of Water
0 mil

Using Recycled Plastics in manufacturing means

Recyclable Lifespan
0 yr

Our ecoWELFARE units are a breakthrough in sustainable technology, eliminating traditional generators. They boast superior solar capacity with extendable panels and vertical wall panels, enabling year-round solar power, thus negating backup generators.

12Ft Ecowelfare No Background

Rain and grey water recycling

Instant hot hand wash water in canteen and toilet

No Generator breakdowns or servicing

2 x 5.12kWh lithium ion batteries

Remote monitoring of energy

Ultra efficient electrical system

Zero emissions in summer with no heater

Superior Solar Capacity

Fully Equipped Canteen

Meets all HSE and CDM site welfare standards

Can be powered by external electricity supply

Ultra low-fuel HVO heating system

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