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Portable toilet hire offers UK wide coverage

Portable toilet hire offers UK wide coverage

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Portable toilet hire offers UK wide coverage

When you talk about euroloo to a friend or relative, more often than not they’ll have automatically associated us with the areas of London and Essex. Now while this isn’t necessarily a wrong association, it is wrong to limit us to this small area of the UK. While we do love our home county of Essex as well as this beautiful city of ours, London, we do actually offer UK wide coverage for those in need of portable toilet hire. Telling someone this however, often results in a complete look of shock and disbelief. To show you just what we mean, we thought we’d share with you some of our busiest areas across the whole of the UK, along with a few numbers to show you just why we find ourselves so consistently called upon.

Portable toilet hire coming to a city near you

London is and of course, always will be our busiest of areas. With a population of over 7.2 million, an awful lot for such a small city we think you’ll agree, it’s no wonder that we’re often contacted for portable toilet hire from the everyday Joe to construction sites and builders. Perhaps the reason we’re so busy in this part of the UK however, is the fact that we recently secured a deal with the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, which made us responsible for all emergency portable toilet hire for the whole of LFEPA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. A rather prestigious contract and an exceptionally busy one too.

Now while you may assume we’d begin discussing Essex as our second busiest area, we must remind you of something your mother no doubt told you…never assume. Despite what you’d think, Essex is actually not our second, nor third, forth or fifth. Next in line we have the fabulous city of Birmingham. Home to the NEC and of course, Aston Villa Football Club, this cosmopolitan haven has us on our toes all through the year utilising all of our services from liquid waste removal to construction site portable toilet hire and with a population of approximately 992,0000 are you really surprised?

The next city to rely on the services of euroloo Ltd happens to be home to a population of 720,000 along with Leeds Untied Football Club. Did the last one give it away a little? That’s right, Leeds very often finds itself requiring the help of our mobile loo hire services and as experts in the field, we’re only too happy to provide such a service for them. As is the case with the wonderful people of Birmingham, Leeds will also call upon us from time to time in order to make use of our liquid waste removal services too. What may surprise you even more is that Glasgow and Sheffield are our forth and fifth busiest areas with populations of 560,000 and 512,000 respectively and as such, keep us rather busy across the whole of the UK.

When it comes to portable toilet hire, it really doesn’t matter where you are in the UK because euroloo have it covered.

Portable toilet hire offers UK wide coverage

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