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What Portable Toilet Do You Need?

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What Portable Toilet Do You Need?

The Multitude Of Different Portable Toilets

As surprising as it may sound, there are occasions when the wrong toilet could cause a lot of trouble. From underground locations to high level usage; there’s a toilet for every occasion and with a fleet of thousands, we have the perfect toilet for any such occasion you may need it for. The question is, what type of toilet do you need?

What Portable Toilet Do I Need?

With so many different toilets available, it can often cause confusion when it comes to picking the right one for you. Here’s a run down of just some of the toilets we have available at euroloo, ready for your every need.

• Chemical Site Portable Toilet/Builders Loo – the chemical site toilet or the builders loo as it’s otherwise known, is the most basic of our portable toilets but don’t let that fool you. The builders loo is completely self-contained. They need no mains connection and can be placed virtually anywhere. These are most associated with construction sites and festivals.
• Mains Connected Toilet – these are the ultimate portable toilet when mains connection is available. This provides you with a fully flushing toilet that immediately removes the waste as your normal house toilet would. We can deliver and connect the toilet for you with ease. From outdoor events to office buildings during renovation works, our mains connected toilets are ideal. This toilet also requires electricity however, with hot running water available, it’s more than worth it.
• Disabled Access Toilet – despite more awareness surrounding disabilities thanks to the Disability At Work Act, along with a far more inclusive society altogether, it’s surprising that so few people realise these are available. Never the less, disabled access toilets are a must for any event, any occasion as well as construction sites and places of work.
• Luxury Toilet Trailer – luxury toilet trailers are self-contained requiring no mains connection, just a simple 13 amp plug socket. They look as their name suggests, luxurious making them the perfect choice for special events, VIP areas and even weddings. With solid oak internal fixtures and fittings, the finish is truly unique and just as beautiful as its name suggests.
• Urinal Bay – urinal bays are a great addition to events when queues can tend to become an issue. They allow for men to rather discreetly use the bathroom without using the regular chemical site toilets that women need to use. This helps reduce the queues along with the strain placed on the regular toilets.
• Confined Space Toilet – our confined space toilets are the ideal short-term solution for when space is an issue. Whether it’s difficulty in terms of access to the desired location of the toilet or space overall, our confined space toilets are the most cost-effective option.

euroloo Have Every Toilet You Could Need

Whatever your need, we have the perfect toilet for you. For help choosing the right toilet for you, simply contact us today.

What Portable Toilet Do You Need?

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