Mens Urinal Hire


Our 4 bay men’s urinal hire is ideal where a large number of male visitors are expected or are gathering, they are light and easy to clean whilst being tough and vandal proof. They are open plan and offer comfortable space for 4 males to use simultaneously whilst be the same foot print size as a standard portable toilet.

This season sees an improved design as our current models now have space for a pint glass with a special holder which is proving extremely popular with pubs and sporting events where alcohol is being served whilst offering a more pleasant experience for the end user.

The benefit of accommodating up to 4 people at once, it avoids big queues and increases the waste capacity without the need of transporting additional toilets to the event site. An added advantage is that your other event toilets will stay cleaner for a longer period during the event.

If you have any questions of would like to book, please call our team on 01245 475700.

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    Height: 1610mm
    Width: 1120mm
    Depth: 1120mm

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