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Portable Toilets – The Facts

Portable Toilets – The Facts

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Portable Toilets – The Facts

Portable toilets can be seen everywhere, from construction sites to festivals and in spite of this, there’s still so much that people don’t know about them. Here at euroloo however, we want to change all that. Believe it or not, portable toilets have a pretty amazing history and what’s more, they’re an incredible asset. That’s why we’ve pieced together this awesome post giving you the ultimate facts you need to know about portable toilet hire here in the UK and beyond.

Water Saving – We are having the summer to end all summers. With temperatures consistently in their 30’s and rain scarcely making an appearance, hose pipe bans are on the horizon. Here in the UK (and across the globe it would seem) need now, more than ever to begin looking at water saving strategies and portable toilet hire for events and construction sites are one of the best ways to do that. Did you know that experts estimate the use of portable restrooms saves approximately 45 billion gallons of water every single year? By renting portable toilets for your events, you’re helping to save water and conserve what feels like, our very limited supply.

During The War – In Uncle Albert’s famous words, “during the war”, well, World War II in fact was actually when portable toilets were first made. Ship crew members specifically were the first to use them and believe it or not, they were far more basic than even the portable toilets you were used to as a teen at your favourite festivals. Smells would linger far and wide, for days on end as there were no chemicals around to kill the bacteria. Thankfully, science has helped us out hugely offering amazing products to not only kill bacteria with ease but also keep any portable toilet hire products smelling super sweet.

Portable Toilet Hire Services Are Growing – When it comes to the portable toilet industry, hire services are on the up! This is no doubt following the rapid increase of construction across the UK. With an almighty recession slowly leaving us, construction companies are enjoying a new injection of energy and with that comes an increase in portable toilet hire.

Now you’ve found out a little more about the amazing world of portable loos, why not head over and check out our range of portable toilets. From the regular builders loosto our luxury toilet trailers, good enough for even the most fancy of events. Here at euroloo, we have you covered every step of the way, no matter where you are in the UK so what are you waiting for? Call 0800 61 22 515.

Portable Toilets – The Facts

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