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This time next year we’ll be millionaires…

This time next year we’ll be millionaires…

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This time next year we’ll be millionaires…

euroloo, your fist choice for Portable Toilet Hire in Essex may not be on the list yet but we have supplied our portable toilets to a few of those who are.After a couple of years where the global recession has seen even the wealthiest of Essex feel the pinch a little, in 2010 Essex millionaires are feeling flush again.

Now in its seventh year, the Essex Life richest 50 shows that the county’s millionaires, both those here now or who were born here, are worth a collective £6.621 billion, up a healthy £846m on the 2009 list when the rich were worth £5.77 billion.

Given the still fragile financial markets, a weak economy and looming public spending cuts, the steep rise in Essex wealth is all the more remarkable for a county of just 1.31m in such close proximity to London.

Still topping the charts is the recently ennobled Lord Sugar, now very much a household name after his role in fronting the hugely-popular television show, The Apprentice. Yet Sugar remains rooted to Essex, and proud of it, even after the sale of his Brentwood-based Amstrad computer operation to media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Out of the 50 in the list, there are 15 in property and construction (down seven from the peak), but the strength of the Essex economy remains its very diversity and entrepreneurism. Of the list only four of the 50 inherited their fortunes, so there are many rags to riches tales.

There is a strong celebrity quota in the list with Lord Sugar joined on the red carpet by David and Victoria Beckham, Rod Stewart and Jamie Oliver, Jamie also being the youngest entrant in the list at just 35.

Geographically, Essex wealth is diffused around the county. Colchester has four of the Essex 50 and Grays has two despite its industrial reputation. Brentwood also has two and leafy Epping has three, while the rest of our millionaires are scattered widely across Essex. Here, Essex Life shares with you a glimpse into the millionaire’s lifestyle.

1 Lord Sugar
2 Bhikhu & Vijay Patel
3 Patrick McKenna
4 Jack Petchey
5 David Sullivan
6 Ray O’Rourke & family
7 William Ives & family
8 Andreas Panayiotou
9 Mark Burnett & Roma Downey
10 Mickey Gooch
11 Nigel Morris
12 Gary Widdowson
13 Sir Keith Mills
14. Jerome Booth
14= Cyril Dennis & family
16 Gordon Sanders & family
17 Rod Stewart
18 David & Victoria Beckham
19 Andrew Stewart
20 Iain Liddell
21= Nicholas & Peter Gould
21= Dennis Myers & family
23 Frank Van Wezel
24= Graham Peacock & Susan Tobell
26= Don Lewin & family
26= Jamie Oliver
28 James Watts & family
29= Richard Higgins & family
29= Ray Stephens & family
29= Alan Witzenfeld
32= Bernard Holmes
32= Raymond Raymond & family
34 Dr Alan & Susan Solomon
35= Edward Belcher & family
35= Robbie & Cheryl Cowling
35= Kevin Taylor
35= David Wernick & family
39= John Carver & family
39= Martin Mills & family
41 Christopher Johnson & family
42= Colin & Graham Chambers
42= Gene Willson
44= David Andrews
44= Patrick & Stephen Church
44= David King
47= Barry Hearn & family
47= Eric Hobbs & family
47= Demetrios Kounnis & family
47= Brendon O’Malley & family

This time next year we’ll be millionaires…

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