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European toilets are a mystery!

European toilets are a mystery!

European toilets are a mystery!

When it comes to refugees, the first thing that people think of is whether they’ll struggle to settle in, how they’ll feel about the language barrier or worse still, how they’ll cope trying to get jobs to support themselves and their families. The last thing that people tend to think of however is whether or not they’ll find it difficult using our European toilets. Now while this may sound like a silly notion to some, it’s actually becoming more and more of a problem as our European toilets pose quite the mystery to the vast majority of refugees. While pictograms and instructions have been trialed, unfortunately not having the desired effect, there is a toilet on it’s way that’s said to be solving the problem. A European toilet that that will help refugees at the same time.

With over a million refugees heading into most European countries by the day, it can only be described as a rendezvous of globalisation. It’s undoubtedly a rendezvous of differing cultures and while the world rushes around trying to provide homes, cots, clothes, food and health care, explaining our western style flush toilets just seemed to get a little forgotten. The mayor of Hardheim was the first person to raise the issue however was soon ridiculed.

What makes things worse is the fact that difficult and often tense situations arise in overcrowded refugee shelters by the sheer fact that there are a great number of differing toilet standards and rituals. While squat toilets are traditional for a number of areas within the Muslim world, they aren’t within the European world, which has left a great number of people trying the squat on the rim of a normal western toilet. Due to the great difficulty of this, many have simply relieved themselves in shower cubicles, which as you can imagine, isn’t ideal especially when human excrement is left behind. While there are refugees who will be familiar with western toilets, and portable toilets for that matter, there are a great number who aren’t, that have to face the problem of water-free wiping and (something that’s considered unsanitary by most). Despite the pictogram instructions, flush toilets remain a mystery.

A remedy is in the works however, in the form of a multicultural toilet. It’s only been on the market for a few days and has already received queries from worldwide refugee organisations. Fliegenschmidt’s design is rather simple. It’s a regular western-style toilet bowl that offers the use a sizable squatting platform to both sides. Despite it being a simple design, it’s one that seems to be ending the ever increasing confusing of refugees that come to Europe and one that looks set to stick around for some time to come.

Whether we’ll be stocking such toilets in the future is something we’re currently looking in to however, in the mean time, if you’re in need of regular portable toilets for hire, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. We’ll be only too happy to help.

European toilets are a mystery!

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