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Cesspit emptying

Do’s and Dont’s of Septic Tanks from euroloo

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Do’s and Dont’s of Septic Tanks from euroloo


Have your septic tank system professionally fitted, following local guidelines and regulations

Put all your wastewater from your home into the system

Know where your septic tank and drainage field are located

Have your system inspected regularly

Desludge the tank when necessary

Act immediately if you find a blockage or any sign of a problem

If necessary, seek professional help (see “ Drain and pipe cleaning, Plumbers merchants or Sewage Consultants” in the telephone directory)

Keep note of any maintenance work

Ensure all manhole covers are accessible

Ensure that any air vents are not blocked

Keep the drainage field protected

Divert other sources of water, like roof drains, away from septic tank systems

Wash dishes in a dishwasher whenever possible (fat is converted into soap in a dishwasher)

Use toilet fresheners, mild detergents, fabric conditioners and washing powders and liquids in moderation without upsetting the natural balance of the septic tank. All active ingredients in soap and detergents should be biodegradable by law and should be safe for septic tanks in normal use

Use bleaches and disinfectants – but please use them sparingly – as they can kill the friendly bacteria which make the septic tank work


Fats, oils or heavy grease should not be poured down the drain

Paints, solvents and motor oils should not be put down the drain

Never dispose of garden chemicals and pesticides into the septic tank

Don’t use the toilet or kitchen sink as a rubbish bin

Don’t empty chemical toilets into drains or septic tanks

Nappies, sanitary items, plastic or similar items should not be disposed of into the system – “bag it and bin it” instead

Don’t dig or drive over the drainage field, or cover it with a hard surface

Don’t block air vents

Don’t desludge your tank too often

Don’t allow effluent to collect on the surface of the ground

Don’t enter a septic tank – dangerous gases are produced by the natural treatment process

For any further information regarding your septic tank or to book a septic tank empty please contact our friendly team on 0800 6122515

Do’s and Dont’s of Septic Tanks from euroloo

Cesspit emptying

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