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Portable Toilet Placement

Portable Toilet Placement

Portable Toilet Placement

Portable Toilet Placement

Spring is officially here. We know this for the simple fact that we appear to be stuck between beautiful sunshine and pouring rain. Oh the joys of spring. Despite the sometimes inclement weather, the sunshine certainly brings people outside a lot more and as such, outdoor events begin taking place all over the country. As one of the UK’s leading portable toilet suppliers, we find ourselves getting busier by the minute from April onwards, delivering portable toilets to every event imaginable. One of the biggest faux pas’ we see again and again however, is a lack of thought when it comes to placement. To help, we thought we’d compile this guide to placing portable toilets at your event and ensure you’re ready and raring to go upon delivery of your portable toilets.

Placing Portable Toilets At Your Events

Think Accessibility – this is one of the most important factors to consider during an event. Your guests should be able to find your toilets easily at whichever part of your event they may need one. This means ensuring there are enough portable toilets around the perimeter of your event. The last thing your guests will want is to wander for what feels like a lifetime to find the nearest toilet. You’ll also need to find suitable areas to place your toilets to ensure they don’t take away from the overall look of your event or cause obstruction should queues form.

Think Food And Drink – if your event has a section for food and drink, which let’s face it, is highly likely, then you’ll want to consider placing portable toilets near here. If people are consuming food and drink at your event, then the demand for toilets increases hugely. If your event serves alcohol, the demand goes up even more. Having portable toilets placed strategically within the vicinity is the best idea, not only for your guest’s comfort but sanitation purposes. Having a few added extras in this area is definitely the best call, whether it’s behind food trucks or in a small semi-circle of their own. Either way, ensure you have enough in the area.

Think Of Layout – will your event have high trafficked areas? Will there be areas where foot traffic increases, causing build ups? Then you’ll want to avoid placing toilets here. Think of the entire layout of the event and look for the least crowded spots. Food and beverage areas aside, this is where you’re best off placing portable toilets. While of course, high volumes of people will undoubtedly mean high demand on toilets, placing them 20-30 yards away from the crowds will help users find them easily and stop queue jumping too.

Think Ground Level – portable toilets need flat level ground for placement. This will avoid any tipping over accidents from occurring. You may also want to consider where the wettest parts of the land are. Think mud and slip hazards. Avoid areas like this at all costs for the safety of your guests and of course, yours. Look for the driest, most stable and level ground possible. You’ll also want to find the most well-lit areas too, to ensure good lighting for those walking to and from their toilets in the dark.

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Portable Toilet Placement

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