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Summer Time And Septic Tanks

Summer Time And Septic Tanks

While it’s important to enjoy the summer season, here are just some of the things you should be considering to ensure your septic tank runs as smooth as can be.
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Summer Time And Septic Tanks

With the warmer weather here, most people will find themselves spending more time outside, working in the garden and enjoying outdoor parties. While it’s important to enjoy the summer season, it’s also important to remember your septic tanks and its more seasonal needs. Here are just some of the things you should be considering this summer season to ensure your septic tank runs as smooth as can be.

Top Tips For Your Septic Tank This Summer

Try To Conserve Water – water usage is likely to increase during summer months. This can be down to more showers, more water consumption and of course, more guests. It’s also worth noting that during the six weeks holidays, the kids are likely to be at home all day. That means more washing and more cooking too. The result of this increase in water usage means your septic tank could find itself overworked. It’s therefore important to try your best to conserve water where and when you can.

Be Careful With Your Landscaping – if you’re thinking of adding to your garden vegetation this summer, make sure to avoid planting trees or any plants with deep roots too close to your septic tank. Roots can grow and ultimately break through pipes, causing some pretty serious damage. It’s also worth noting that if you plan on planting anything edible, it’s worth keeping away from your septic tank too. The last thing you want is for your liquid waste to drain into the grass that plays host to your veg patch.

Park With Caution – summer months usually mean extra guests and even parties. With limited parking, cars will usually venture on to front gardens and even back gardens. It’s worth remembering however, the location of your septic tank and ensure you avoid any cars parking on or around it. If something heavy sits on your drain field, you could find the soil becoming compacted which means your wastewater being unable to drain away properly. You should even look to avoid putting heavy machinery over your drain field for the same reason.

Educate Your Guests – remind your guests that you have a septic tank. Make sure they’re totally aware of what they can and can’t put in it. Make sure they know only toilet paper and human waste can be flushed away. You’ll also want to remind them of what they can’t flush into your septic tanks too; think bleach, feminine hygiene products and even animal waste.

Prepare To Pump – your septic tank needs to undergo regular pumping. Depending on your usage, this could be anywhere from every year to every two years. After a long summer however, it’s worth considering pumping your septic tank in preparation for winter. Ensure it’s ready to take on a cold winter and in fine working order.

Contact euroloo For More Information

For more information on our septic tank emptying service, simply contact us today. We provide an annual septic tank emptying service.

Summer Time And Septic Tanks

While it’s important to enjoy the summer season, here are just some of the things you should be considering to ensure your septic tank runs as smooth as can be.

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