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Getting your septic tank emptying annually
Septic tank emptying

Getting your septic tank emptying annually

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Getting your septic tank emptying annually

In the more modern, city dwellers home, drains have a tendency to remain inconspicuous. Let’s face it, unless the toilet’s completely overflowing then plumbers aren’t usually on our mind. We use a rather simple device known more commonly as the push lever and hey presto, waste is placed out of sight and quite firmly out of mind but that’s not the case for everyone. For those of you that may use a septic tank in your home, then the following article may be of help, especially if you’re quite new to the whole concept of the septic system.

Why annual tank emptying is a good idea

Even if you have a completely well functioning septic tank with a great drain field, the scum layers will indeed build up over time. The sludge and scum should therefore be pumped out periodically. A general rule of thumb is to have it pumped out when the floating layer of scum reaches to around 6 inches from the outlet pipe however, unless you’re willing to go take a real good peek inside the tank yourself (which we’re pretty sure you aren’t) then it’s virtually impossible for you to know when it’s reached this level.


This is why our experts here at euroloo advise you have your septic tank emptied every year. When you have your septic tanks checked annually with us we measure the level of sludge and scum, we also check the system’s pipes and mechanisms whilst inspecting the drain field in order to ensure it’s working as it should be. With an annual septic tank empty, you can be sure that your septic tank will always be in tiptop condition and prime working order.


You may have heard along the grape vine about a number of different products available for you to use that can prolong the length of time between having to have your septic tank emptying. These products contain a myriad of different chemicals that are simply designed to speed up the process when it comes to breaking down the sludge. The chemicals do this apparently by acting like an eating device, chomping the sludge down but in the vast majority of cases, this is just extra content for your tank to be removed during sewage disposal. The additives that you can purchase will simply join in on the microbial party that’s been in full swing underneath your garden, which in some cases can cause huge problems. The chemical additives have been known to throw the primordial ecosystem that you’ve done so well to develop completely out of whack. The additional chemicals disrupting the natural enzymes’ ability to break down the waste could essentially ruin your septic tank’s hard work.


As a precaution, with regards to cesspit emptying, we recommend simply opting for regular septic tank inspections and pumping. This is a far safer option as without regular klargester emptying you may find the overflow works its way back to your home where your toilets and drains can often give off the odour of what’s supposed to be in the tank. In the worst possible case, you can also find a sudden deluge of waste flooding your drains and when this happens, water may begin to seep above ground level running into nearby rivers and streams leaving you responsible for polluting local waters.


If you’d like to find out more about our great rates and cheap septic tank emptying in Essex when you take advantage of our Annual Tank Emptying then please do contact us today or fill out our Annual Tank Emptying Form. Equally if you have any questions, we’re happy to give expert advice over the phone. Better yet, check out our page on “Septic Tanks Explained” for more information.

Getting your septic tank emptying annually

Septic tank emptying

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