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Portable Toilets: Hire Or Buy?
Portable toilet hire

Portable Toilets: Hire Or Buy?

Portable Toilets: Hire Or Buy?

Is It Time To Buy Or Hire A Portable Toilet?

When it comes to portable toilets, the majority of people hire them, but what if we told you that could save money by buying your own? Many people are totally unaware that it’s possible to buy your own portable toilet from us here at euroloo. We know that when it comes to toilet hire, most people are looking to save as much money as possible, especially when it becomes a recurring cost. So the question you need to ask yourself is; whether it’s better to buy or hire a portable toilet?

Let’s break it down by listing the advantages of both.

Should You Buy A Portable Toilet?

When it comes to buying a portable toilet, there are a myriad of benefits. They include but aren’t limited to:
• Taking your portable toilet wherever you want, whenever you want at your own convenience and you won’t have to pay for the delivery and collection costs.
• Making use of the portable toilet for a number of years, saving you possibly hundreds (if not more) pounds in hire fees over that time.
• If you have a location to store your portable toilet, you can quite literally pick it up and drop it off whenever you need it. You’ll never need to arrange with a hire company and book in when and where you need it. There’s much more flexibility.

Should You Hire A Portable Toilet?

If buying a portable toilet seems a little too permanent for you, or perhaps you don’t think you need one in your life on such a long-term basis, then hiring could well be the best decision. Here are some of the benefits associated with hiring portable toilets:
• When you aren’t using your portable toilet, you aren’t expected to house it or store it somewhere. Regardless of how your toilet requirements change, you can hire a toilet as and when needed.
• Every single toilet hired from ourselves here at euroloo comes with a free weekly service, which means you aren’t left with having to handle the liquid waste yourself.
• All you need to do is tell us a date and location and we’ll do all the hard work for you. The only finger you’ll have to lift is when you dial our telephone number to book in your next toilet hire service.
• You can swap and change the type of toilet you hire depending on the place of work/event you intend to hire it for.

In the majority of cases, hiring a portable toilet is the better option however if we truly believe buying a portable toilet and simply hiring our waste removal services would save you money, you can rest assured that we’ll let you know. Here at euroloo, you, our client, come first. We want to offer you the most efficient and most cost-effective service possible. For more information on our portable toilet services, simply contact us today.

Portable Toilets: Hire Or Buy?

Portable toilet hire

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