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Your Septic Tank: Everything There Is To Know

Your Septic Tank: Everything There Is To Know


Your Septic Tank: Everything There Is To Know

Your Septic Tank: Everything There Is To Know

If you live in an area that’s not connected to main sewage networks then it’s highly likely you’ll have some kind of tank within/on your premises. As we provide services for septic tanks, cesspit tanks and klargester tanks, we get asked a lot of questions. To make things easier, we’re creating a series of Frequently Asked Questions surrounding all three. Today, we’re looking at everything you need to know about septic tanks. Let’s get to it!

What Happens In A Septic Tank

A septic tank is installed underground. This is for various reasons. From hygiene to durability, having it underground offers a number of benefits. There are three layers underground that your septic tank will consist of. The top layer is crud and will decompose naturally. The next layer is the waste water layer. This soaks away to a drain field or appropriately named ‘soakaway’. The third layer is the bulk waste, or solid waste. Bacteria in the septic tank breaks down the solid waste into a mush.

Do Septic Tanks Require Special Care?

In order to keep your septic tank working correctly, it’s advisable to keep the bacteria working correctly. Using domestic chemicals like bleach and antibacterial soaps will hinder your septic tanks ability to work correctly. It’s also advisable to avoid flushing cotton buds, wet wipes or sanitary products down the loo too. These won’t biodegrade and will lead to blockages.

How Do I Know It Needs Servicing?

If you don’t book in regular servicing, you’ll no doubt be alerted by an odour. If you leave it too long, you could find yourself faced with an unpleasant smelling liquid overflowing from the T shaped outlet. You may notice toilets and sinks taking longer than normal to drain. If this starts happening, you need to have it serviced promptly.

How Do You Service A Septic Tank?

Servicing a septic tank is easy when you know how and of course, have the right equipment. Our team will arrive with a tanker equipped especially for the job. A suction hose will run from the tanker into your tank via a hatch. The tanker will take care of the rest, removing all the waste via the hose.

How Do I Arrange A Service?

Arranging a service couldn’t be easier. Simply jump online at euroloo.com and fill out the online quote form or better still, call now on 0800 6122515. We’ll get back to as soon as possible to ensure an efficient and simple septic tank emptying. Before popping along, we’ll find out more about your property, from access to the rough size of your tank. Here at euroloo, we do our best to make things as easy as possible for you. For more information on septic tanks and our septic tank emptying service, simply contact us today.

Your Septic Tank: Everything There Is To Know

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