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Portable Toilets For Home Builder Projects!

Portable Toilets For Home Builder Projects!

Portable Toilets For Home Builder Projects!

Home Builders Project? Hire A Portable Toilet!

Do you have a construction project going on at home? Or perhaps you’re renovating a bathroom for a client? Either way, we’re guessing you’re wondering what to do about toilet facilities? While you may not have considered it, you could always hire a portable toilet. We know, we know; the majority of people associate portable toilets with construction sites and festivals but they’re used in so many more ways. From domestic clients carrying out home renovations to large scale construction sites, portable toilets are the most versatile out there. Not only are they a complete system, with a recirculating flush, but they can be placed just about anywhere.

Portable Toilet At Home?

Let’s face it, no one wants a portable toilet at home. We got rid of outdoor toilets years ago but if you’re carrying out an extension and find yourself without a toilet, what should you do? Want to move out? What if you don’t have the means? Want to keep bothering your neighbour? What about in the middle of the night?

Portable toilets are still associated with the portable toilets of old. People make assumptions of unsightly appearances and horrid smells but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Our portable toilets are from the best manufacturers. Not to mention all portable toilets now have a fantastic solution within them that helps prevent smells of any kind.

euroloo Will Keep It Clean And Tidy

When hiring for personal or commercial use, a lot of people tend to worry about having to empty and clean them. With euroloo however, you’re treated to a weekly service for the entire duration you hire the toilet. That means no cleaning. No finding appropriate places to empty them. In fact we’ve made it as easy as possible for anyone to use. Simply call and order your toilet. We’ll deliver and place it the next day. Use your toilet and then let us know when you’d like us to collect. We’ll attend each week to clean and service before removing it for you completely. It’s that simple. From regular chemical site toilets that don’t require a connection to mains to more luxurious options with hot and cold running water; the choices are endless. Don’t just take our word for it. Jump online at euroloo.com today and find out for yourself what’s on offer.

Toilet Hire For Home Builder Projects

euroloo have become the UK’s leaders when it comes to toilet hire for home builder projects. We travel nationwide to provide these services and can help you too? Contact ustoday on 0800 6122515 for more information on our portable toilets in Leicester, Birmingham, London, Leeds and everywhere in between.

Portable Toilets For Home Builder Projects!

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