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Need to know more about septic tanks?

Need to know more about septic tanks?

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Need to know more about septic tanks?

Septic tanks are only used in certain locations where the subsoil has been deemed suitable for the discharge and disposal of the treated wastewater along with areas where there has been approval granted by the local authority. There are also exceptions whereby written approval has been granted by the Environment Protection Agency to discharge the stream. If a septic tank doesn’t function properly then it can cause a serious odour along with flooding and pollution and as a result, this can cause an unwanted additional cost for you. If however, you follow a few of these simple tips outlined on this page then you should be trouble free, enjoying affordable and cost effective sewage disposal.

The purpose of your septic tank is to treat the wastewater that runs from your property. Generally speaking, it isn’t connected to the public waste water system but works on it’s own. The large rectangular boxes are often made of brick, concrete or stone or in some cases a plastic bottle shape. They’re then buried underground in close proximity to the property they’re serving. The septic tank can be described like a simple, self-contained wastewater treatment works with the wastewater draining from the septic tank through an outlet pipe into what’s known as a soakaway.

The waste material, or sludge, as it’s sometimes known is given time to settle in the tank before it’s digested by bacteria that naturally breeds in the tank. Over time this sludge builds up at the bottom of the tank and eventually has to be removed which is where euroloo can help. The sludge has to be removed regularly in order to make sure the tank works correctly as it should as well as ensuring the sludge doesn’t rise too much that it begins to block the soakaway.

How often do septic tanks need emptying?

Septic tank emptying in Essex, or de-sludging as it’s also known is something that needs to happen every twelve months however our experience over the years has taught us that it depends greatly on the size of your tank along with your usage. In some cases you can check yourself whether your tank needs emptying by checking the discharge. To do this, simply find out where the discharge drains to and check that it’s a light grey colour. If the liquid is a dark, solid material or you can quite easily distinguish sewage solids then this would show your septic tank is ready to be emptied. All it takes is a simple call and we’ll be available for septic tank emptying.

You also need to familairise yourself with a few of your responsibilities. If you own or use a septic tank then the quality of the discharge and the impact that it has on the environment is entirely your responsibility. You can be held accountable for any pollution caused and as a result you’re responsible for ensuring that your septic tank is correctly maintained as well as ensuring that your access lids are secure and in working order. You must also ensure that any drains to and from the tank are free flowing.

If you’re now wondering how much it’s going “cost to empty my septic tank” then all you need to do is call us today to take advantage of our cheap septic tank emptying. Our rates are the most affordable in Essex, especially if you take advantage our annual septic tank emptying. Whether you’re looking to empty a tank on a domestic or commercial premises, our expert team at euroloo are here to help.

Need to know more about septic tanks?

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