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Portable toilet hire is fun in and out of the office!
Portable toilet hire mascot

Portable toilet hire is fun in and out of the office!

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Portable toilet hire is fun in and out of the office!

These past two weeks have been, once again, super busy for everyone here at euroloo and that includes in and out of the Chelmsford office. Whilst we usually begin our news pieces discussing our latest portable toilet hire jobs, this week we’re going to give you a little insight into life here at euroloo HQ too.

Friday 13th November, the team here at euroloo HQ all took part in raising money for the charity Children in Need. Instead of simply asking for donations, we decided to really go the whole hog and have a pajama day at the office. Thank god the weather was fairly mild, those fleece PJ’s aren’t always the warmest of clothes when you don’t have a duvet wrapped around you. Not only did we get to have quite a fun and might we add, different day in the office but we also raised a nice amount of cash for a well deserving charity. What could be better?

For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of working with euroloo, you may know that despite our expertise and knowledge, when it comes to Christmas, we’re all just big kids. So it’ll come as no surprise to you that we’ve already got our Christmas tree up. Instead of opting for the same one we’ve been using for years we decided to treat ourselves to a new one this year. With its subtle pink hue (note the sarcasm), it’s pretty obvious the ladies of the office had the final say when it came to picking it. Admittedly, it’s very pretty and has certainly put us in the mood for Christmas and all the festive season brings with it.

If the festive spirit finally arriving into our office wasn’t exciting enough, we’ve also got a new visitor in the office. Anyone that remembers the excitement of a dog getting loose in the school playground as they eagerly watched out of the classroom window will know that the next best thing, is when someone brings their dog to the office. Sadly, it’s not under the happiest of circumstances. Hannah, a much loved employee of ours is having to bring her rather lovely dog Rodney to work after a fire broke out at their home. Due to a fault with their fridge, a fire broke out in their kitchen, rendering their home unlivable for the time being which meant Rodney had no where to go while Hannah rather diligently continued to come into work. As you can imagine, we were only too happy to welcome Rodney in with open arms. Within a matter of minutes, he’d made himself at home ensuring he got as much fuss as possible from everyone in the office. Who could resist the gorgeous face of such a gentle giant?

As you can see, euroloo are most certainly not all work and no play. As a result, we have some of the happiest employees around and as they say, a happy employee is a hard working one. Keep up to date with our blog via our website and social media pages for more news and insight into what’s been going on in the world of euroloo.

Portable toilet hire is fun in and out of the office!

Portable toilet hire mascot

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