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Portable Toilets: The Truth

Portable Toilets: The Truth

Portable Toilets: The Truth

Portable Toilets: The Truth

Have you spent time thinking about portable toilets for an event or workspace only to be put off by common misconceptions? As portable toilet suppliers, we come across completely untrue statements from many, far too often. So, once again, we feel it’s time to put these misconceptions to bed. Here goes…

Misconception No1 – Portable Toilets Harm The Environment
Many seem to have the idea that portable toilets are harmful to the environment for the simple fact they contain chemicals. Just because they contain chemicals however, does not mean they’re harmful. Once your portable toilets are ready for emptying, our team will dispose of the waste in the safest way possible. What’s more, these units have been designed specifically to help our environment and perhaps the biggest way they do that is by conserving water. A mains connected toilet uses around five litres of water with every single flush whereas portable toilets conserve the water used by reusing it over and over again. In fact, portable toilets preserve billions of litres of water every single year.

Misconception No2 – Portable Toilets Are Unhygienic
Scenes from festivals around the globe are no doubt responsible for this hideous misconception. You can just picture it now, the mud, the drunk users and the serious use of each toilet too. The smells would be hideous. Thankfully, since those days, portable toilets have come a long way. Let’s also add the fact that the majority of event owners now realise just how important it is to get enough toilets. Couple this with the modern day chemicals that are now in each toilet that instantly kill any germs and it’s safe to say that portable toilets are just as hygienic as your own home toilet.

Misconception No3 – Portable Toilets Are Unsafe
This is perhaps the most bizarre rumour to us for the simple fact, we couldn’t think of anything safer but alas, stories will always travel and portable toilets have indeed caught the brunt of it. From getting locked in them to having them topple over when you’re using them; yes those events have no doubt happened however, they all have extremely mitigating circumstances such as exceedingly drunk users. Need we say more…

Misconception No4 – Portable Toilets Are Flimsy
Perhaps the fact that they’re made out of plastic gives them a flimsy reputation, but we cannot emphasise enough just how well built these units are. Here at euroloo, it’s incredibly important to us that not only is our customer service on top, but so too is the quality of the products we work with. Our portable toilets are anything but flimsy; in fact, they’re incredibly robust, impact resistant and weighted so that even the heaviest winds would struggle to blow them down.

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Portable Toilets: The Truth

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