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Buying A Portable Toilet

Buying A Portable Toilet

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Buying A Portable Toilet

If you’re looking at the prospect of using a portable toilet for an extended period of time, say for instance, during a long period of renovation or if you know you’ll be hiring portable toilets repeatedly for the foreseeable future, then you may want to consider buying a portable toilet of your own. You may even be surprised to hear that a great number of companies are selling portable toilets however we guarantee that not one of them will be able to compete with us at euroloo, when it comes to price and quality. Before purchasing however, we thought we’d run through a few advantages and disadvantages to give you a better idea of just what’s best for you, renting or buying!

• For the vast majority, owning will always work out much more cost effective than renting. This is especially so for those who plan on having annual events or own a company that requires toilets 365 days a year. Rather than renting, buying a toilet (or three) can be a much more cost-effective solution, even when you take into consideration paying for our services to clean them.
• There’s so much variety now. Portable toilets aren’t just smelly green boxes anymore. In fact, not one little bit; now you can grab yourself a real variety of mobile toilets from disabled access toilets, to regular run of the mill chemical toilets and even luxury event toilets too. Whatever you need them for, you can buy a toilet to suit.
• They’re much more mobile than they used to be. Investing in a toilet block is all very well and good but what happens when you need to move them? Industries such as “events” or “construction” will almost certainly need the freedom that comes with portable toilets so they can be moved from one site to another. The beauty with having your own portable toilet means you can do this however and whenever you like. Location never need be an issue either as restricted access toilets now allow you to place a toilet in some of the most hard to reach places.
• They’re long lasting. When it comes to our portable toilets for sale, if treated well, they’re incredibly long lasting. It’s a long-term investment that will see it earn its cost in next to no time. Break the initial cost down, over the years of use that you’ll enjoy from it, and you’ll see that it’s incredibly inexpensive and totally worthwhile.

• The only downside to owning, that we could see, would be storing. If you own your own toilet, you will of course need somewhere to store it however, for most, this isn’t always a problem as a shed or company HQ will usually do.
• Cleaning their toilet, for some, can be an issue however the vast majority will just hire the services of ourselves here at euroloo, to do the job for them. Once again, for most, this works out as much more cost effective even with the cost of employing us to clean them.

As you can see, there are very little “downsides” to purchasing your own portable toilet, if at all. If you’d like to inquire about buying a portable toilet, simply contact us today on 0800 61 22 515.

Buying A Portable Toilet

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