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Luxury portable toilets make all the difference
Luxury Toilet Hire in Essex & London

Luxury portable toilets make all the difference

Luxury portable toilets make all the difference

Have you heard the latest about the portable toilets situated on South Tyneside’s coastline? While whomever provided the toilets may have felt they were doing the right thing by giving the tourist attraction the necessary amenities, no doubt to provide for the ever-growing crowds that are drawn to the area, critics are doing their best to flush out who was responsible as the six chemical toilets that were placed there have been described as an eyesore.

Six chemical toilets were placed along the stunning new South Shields Promenade which had been given a new and improved look as part of the £5 million revamp. Sadly however, the amenities that were placed in the Harbour Drive South Car Park weren’t considered to be up to scratch. The plastic portable toilets were sat behind metal barriers, displaying “public toilet” signage yet in spite of the obvious good intentions, those in need of disabled facilities were told to travel further to another location which could accommodate them.

Local council bosses retaliated to slurs that the plastic toilets were an embarrassment, and a politically incorrect one at that, by declaring the toilets were placed there in order to cater for the extra tourism that had appeared to flock there over the past summer months.

It would appear the ruined view has angered locals the most. Jeff Milburn, a local councilor was quoted as saying the mobile loos were an embarrassment and a, “blight on our beautiful coastline”. Milburn went on to say, “We have this beautiful seafront, which is fantastic, and then in the car park there are these plastic portable toilets…they are a blight on the coastline.”

Here at euroloo, we’re contacted regularly by councils, organisations and private parties all requesting toilets that fit in with the locations. We do indeed supply chemical toilets on a regular basis however more often than not these head to building and construction sites. On some occasions they also head to schools and other such locations when emergency toilet hire is required however on an occasion such as this we believe nothing short of luxury portable toilets would suffice.

Despite a South Tyneside Council spokesman stating the unsightly mobile loos would remain until the month of October, he did have this to say, “We work hard to provide clean and safe public facilities for residents and visitors. The toilets at Harbour Drive South are a temporary fixture and are in place until the end of the summer season.
“They are in place to provide additional toilet provision to people visiting the foreshore over the summer months when visitor numbers are at their highest.” Yet as portable loo hire specialiasts, we still can’t quite grasp why such a tourist attraction that has recently undergone a £5 million revamp in order to better its appearance chose a construction site toilet over luxury portable toilets that would have not only provided the necessary amenities to accommodate the extra tourists but would have provided a much better view to boot. As for the lack of disabled access toilets, when there are disabled access toilet units such as the ones we hire out frequently, there’s simply no excuse what so ever.

If you’d like to contact us regarding luxury portable toilets then call 0800 61 22 515 or email us on sales@euroloo.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

Luxury portable toilets make all the difference

Luxury Toilet Hire in Essex & London

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