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Portable Toilets And Multi-Day Events

Portable Toilets And Multi-Day Events

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Portable Toilets And Multi-Day Events

Multi-Day Events And Portable Toilet Maintenance

Portable toilets are an essential addition to outdoor events. Without access to toilet facilities, any event no matter what it is, will struggle to keep guests in attendance. Worse still, you could end up with a very unpleasant cleanup on your hands. When it comes to multi-day events however, there are certain things that need to be considered to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone. Here’s the euroloo run down to help you ensure guests and organisers are happy at the end of a successful event.

Considerations For Multi-Day Events

Order Enough Portable Toilets – this is arguably one of the most important considerations when it comes to toilet hire for multi-day events. If you don’t have enough toilets on hand, you’re going to have problems. FACT. The best way to deal with this however, is to estimate the amount of guests you expect each day and then let our team know. They’ll be able to best estimate the amount of units you’ll need to ensure everyone is catered for. From regular portable toilets to disabled access toilets, portable urinals and even baby changing facilities. We’ll ensure you have enough on hand for your estimated number of guests.

Place Them Strategically – by this we mean, don’t make them difficult to access. You don’t want to place your toilets at one end of your event. Place them periodically throughout the event however, if you plan on selling food and drink, then we advise having more toilets nearby as the demand will be much higher near where food and drink will be consumed. This ensures similar traffic levels throughout, avoiding those hideous queues.

Get Them Serviced Regularly – with euroloo, you can bank on one weekly service per toilet per week. If this isn’t enough however, then you can book in more frequent services. This will obviously cost more, buy you’ll benefit in the long run as people find your facilities more comfortable to use. The last thing you want is to have toilets smelling through over use and under servicing.

Keep Them Well Stocked – you’ll be surprised just how quickly your toilets will go through the essentials such as air freshener, hand sanitizer and of course, the biggest necessity of all, toilet roll. Keep them well stocked and once again, your guests will thank you for it by making use of them, as opposed to spreading germs throughout your event.

Check Them Regularly – festivals or any type of event for that matter can get out of hand. People can become jovial and cause a little too much havoc. Worse still, a malfunction could occur and you need to be in attendance to notify us immediately. Without regular spot checks, these little problems will go unnoticed, but we can guarantee your guests will notice and fast. Periodic checks however, will ensure you stay on top of things and your sanitation facilities are comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Contact euroloo For All Your Portable Toilet Needs

If you’d like more information on multi-day events and keeping your portable toilets in check, simply contact us today.

Portable Toilets And Multi-Day Events

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