Sweet Smelling Portable Toilets

Sweet Smelling Portable Toilets

Just when you thought our summer had ended, once again another heat wave looks set to take hold over the bank holiday weekend. What’s more, it looks set to stick around for the next few weeks too. While this is great for a tan, it can sometimes cause concern when it comes to the smell surrounding portable toilets. As it’s a question we often get asked by clients, we thought we’d address it here in our latest piece – how to stop toilets smelling in hot weather. This should hopefully put your mind at ease that our portable toilets, accompanied by the following advice, will be sweet smelling for your entire hire period.

Gone are the days of old when portable toilets smelt to high heaven after just a couple of hours; think the end of the festival weekend. Now, portable toilets are created to not only store your waste, but also store the unpleasant scent that goes with them. In hot weather however, there are certain things you should do to help it stay that way and we’ll begin by looking at the number of toilets you have on site.

Whether you’re on a construction site or a festival ground, having enough portable toilets is paramount. Ask yourself, ‘have I got enough portable toilets on site?’ and if you feel not, hire additional. It really is that simple. Having too few toilets on site will mean one thing, overuse. If the toilets are used too much, you’ll find them struggling to keep up with the overload of waste, inevitably leading to an unpleasant odour. With our chemical site toilets, we recommend hiring one for every seven persons on site. This is based on roughly a forty hour working week. Of course, events are very different indeed but if you need help deciding on the right amount of portable toilets for you, be a construction site or a private event, our team will be happy to help.

Last but not least, should you still find yourself concerned about a potential sniff hazard, especially when the weather really picks up in temperature, additional services are the perfect solution. Here at euroloo, each of our toilets come with a free weekly service regardless. If however, you feel you’d benefit from more often visits, let us know. Here at euroloo, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and if extra servicing is something you need, that’s absolutely something we can cater to in each hire package. Simply book a second weekly service and hey presto, sweet smelling loos all round.

If you’d like more information, do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 61 22 515 and we’ll be only too happy to help.

Sweet Smelling Portable Toilets

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