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Looking for cheap builders loo hire?
Cheap builders loo hire

Looking for cheap builders loo hire?


Looking for cheap builders loo hire?

Then these builders loos FAQ’s are a must read

Whether you’re running a small or large construction site, health and work regulations now require you to provide your workforce with adequate facilities whilst on the job, including clean and working toilets as well as wash basins with hot and cold running water. We’ve discussed before the number of benefits when it comes to providing your workforce with cheap builders loo hire such as productivity levels and the environmental impact but for some, confusion still lies around just what it is you legally need to provide. Below are two of the most frequently asked questions that we find we’re asked here at euroloo. Take a few minutes to have a read through and if you’re still finding yourself a little confused or in need of answers to some other questions that haven’t been answered, then please feel free to contact us for some free advice.

1. What do I need to offer on my building site? – Where possible you must provide mains connected site toilets that offer mains water and drainage systems however if a mains connection isn’t available then facilities with a built in drainage tank and water supply are advised. Past this, chemical construction site toilets are more than adequate. All of our portable loos for hire are very well ventilated and immaculately well maintained. We can also offer the necessary arrangements for cleaning the toilets should you require this. As stated on the Health and Safety Executive website, there should also be wash basins with hot and cold running water within the toilet cubicle or in the very least, next to it. It also states that the basins should be large enough to wash the hands, face and forearms. We have a number of options available here at euroloo that offer hot wash facilities along with mains connected wash facilities within the cubicle itself all of which can be maintained by us with toilet and welfare unit servicing.
2. How many mobile toilets should I have? – The legislation that covers this area is the Workplace Regulations 1992. The approved code of practice within this goes on to state the minimum number of facilities that are required. These fall into two categories with the first being the number of toilets and washbasins for mixed use. They begin at 1 toilet and washbasin for 1-5 people, 2 of each for 6-25 people, 3 of each for 26-50 people, 4 of each for 51-75 and 5 of each 76-100. If you’re catering to a male only force then the numbers are slightly different and can be found here. If your construction site happens to be using chemical toilets then you’ll need 1 for every 7 people that work a 40-hour week.

Cheap builders loo hire from euroloo

Here at euroloo, our portable toilet hire services are constantly growing which is perhaps why we’re the first choice for those looking for portable toilet rental in London, Essex and the surrounding counties. Our expert team operate a fleet in excess of 800 portable toilets with the ability to offer a same day service or next day delivery in the vast majority of cases. So if you’re a builder, contractor, developer or even a DIY’er in need of portable toilet hire then contact us today. Our chemical site toilet is one of our most popular builders choices coming complete with a HSE compliant sink or a water-less hand sanitizer.

If your still unsure what portable toilet facilities you need onsite or would like to book any of our services then our friendly team are available now to take your call on 0800 61 22 515.

Looking for cheap builders loo hire?

Cheap builders loo hire

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