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Luxury Events Need Luxury Toilets

Luxury Events Need Luxury Toilets


Luxury Events Need Luxury Toilets

A private hand washing basin, separate male and female areas, a little touch of luxury. These aren’t your regular run of the mill portable toilets. Not even close. When people think of portable toilets, the first thought that usually enters their heads is something along the lines of “yuck”. Thoughts of over used festival toilets fill their heads however, when it comes to our luxury toilets, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to our 12-footer luxury toilet trailers, offering self-contained bathrooms, one male and one female, the image of festival toilets are far from your mind. They’re so luxurious in fact that they’re one of our most popular toilet hire services when it comes to weddings and other such events. Customers have been hugely impressed with their solid oak internal interiors and fittings.

Here at euroloo, we know only too well that a great number of toilet trailers and regular portable toilets come with the label of “luxury” yet so few actually step up to the challenge. It’s for this reason and this reason alone that we’re so proud to offer our luxury toilet trailers for hire. We know that not only will you be hugely impressed, but they’ll go down a storm at any event they’re placed at.

Not only that, but they’re hugely versatile too. How can a toilet be versatile we hear you ask, well…you might be surprised to hear that a great number of our clients actually go out of their way to “spruce up” the toilets even further when they’re delivered. By this, we mean add decorations and other such luxury additions. For anyone that’s had or attended a wedding recently, you’ll know that the theme is hugely important and extends to absolutely every aspect of the day itself…and that includes the toilets. We’ve seen our toilets decorated with bunting, lighting and even handmade rustic ornaments as well as a flower garland that extended the entire circumference of the trailer itself. All to ensure they’re not just luxury, but utterly in keeping with the day too. It doesn’t get much better than that, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree! It isn’t just weddings they’re fabulous for however, we’ve also found them just as at-home at corporate and VIP events when only the very best will do.

If you’ve previously thrown an event yourself, you’ll know only too well that the slightest mishap will have your event remembered for all the wrong reasons. Toilets just so happen to be one of those areas. As we mentioned above, very few toilets are a luxury as they claim to be and having shabby toilets at an event can do more harm than good. Thankfully, we can say with utter confidence that ours are the finest luxury toilet trailers for hire in the entire UK. Each container is completely self-contained, requiring absolutely no drainage or water supply. All you’ll need to run them is a 13-amp plug socket. For more information on our luxury event toilet hire, simply call us today on 0800 61 22 5151.

Luxury Events Need Luxury Toilets

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