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Portable Toilet Hire from The Trades Favourite #tradetalk
euroloo portable toilet loo hire

Portable Toilet Hire from The Trades Favourite #tradetalk

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Portable Toilet Hire from The Trades Favourite #tradetalk

Now-a-days, with everyone and their aunt having access to some sort of media device, absolutely anyone from anywhere in the world can talk to anyone, from well…anywhere in the world. This has not only changed the way we communicate but the way consumers act too. As such, consumers now communicate with other consumers on a daily basis. While some companies have found this to be their downfall, with angry customers expressing their unhappiness at poor service and poor products to the rest of the world, other companies have found it to be their saving grace. Where large corporations and companies monopolised particular sectors, social media platforms such as Facebook have allowed smaller companies to step up and enjoy their time in the spotlight thanks to happy, grateful clients taking the time to express their satisfaction at great service.
From Facebook to Twitter, social media has taken the world by storm, giving everyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop the ability to spread the word. But it doesn’t stop there. We also have the likes of Tripadvisor and Trustpilot whereby consumers can once again express their anger toward poor service and gratitude toward great service. Highlighting quite literally, what actually goes on behind closed doors.
It’s also meant that while a company used to be able to convince you of their capabilities, that may not be the case any more. Whereas before, people would rely solely on advertising, more and more potential customers are now looking to other customers in order to find out whether they should actually go ahead with their transaction.
As you’ll now no doubt have realised, consumer reviews are the way forward and as we previously mentioned, for some this has led to their downfall. Here at euroloo however, we couldn’t be more pleased to show you the reviews we receive on a daily basis. It’s thanks to reviews like these that euroloo finds itself hiring 1000’s of portable toilets to small independent builders (our core business) throughout the year. We also tend to work with small events teams too and as such, develop quite close relationships. Without customer service that goes above and beyond, along with quality products, this just wouldn’t happen. So we thought we’d bring to you a mix of reviews you’ll find not only on our website, but on our Facebook page too. If after this you’d like to contact us regarding portable toilet hire, then please feel free. In fact, we’ll just go ahead and say it…we look forward to hearing from you.

“I can’t recommend these guys enough, my toilets are always delivered promptly with a very reliable service each week, very friendly staff and so easy to deal with.” – Jade Rebecca Barnard

“Great service provided for our fundraising event, very help staff, exceeded expectations and will use again.” – Lacey May

“Gave a great service and will be using again in the future. Thanks for the swift response, Richard is a credit to your organisation.” – Michael Ludlam

“Your prompt attention and admirable skills at ‘rescuing’ the situation are very much appreciated. Thank you, best wishes.” – Amanda, Oasis Events

“I was very pleased with the service I received when I used euroloo to hire the portable toilets I required for my event. I shall continue to use them and will be recommending them to my colleagues.” – Alice Menwell, DT Marquees.

Portable Toilet Hire from The Trades Favourite #tradetalk

euroloo portable toilet loo hire

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