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Winter Survival For Portable Toilets

Winter Survival For Portable Toilets

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Winter Survival For Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets And Winter Activities

While many associate portable toilets with summer activities, they can actually be incredibly useful for winter activities. Whether it’s a snow filled sports event or simply an outdoor countryside event in the cooler weather; outdoor activities need portable toilets. Not only do they need portable toilets however, they also require particular care in order to ensure they’re fully working during the extreme temperatures. Here are our top five tips when it comes to renting portable toilets in winter.

Portable Toilets In Winter – We’ve Got It Covered

• Think About Placement – if you’re going to hire portable loos for your winter event, make sure your guests can access them easily. Avoid muddy paths, salt areas nearby and keep the toilets away from open areas that might leave them exposed to high winds. This will help keep them warm too. If you aren’t able to keep them covered, then you may want to look for the sunniest spot.
• Ensure They’re Serviced Frequently – luckily for euroloo clients, all of our toilets come with a weekly service free. If this isn’t enough however, then you can inquire about more frequent servicing too. We’ll happily provide a more frequent service as and when needed.
• Prevent Freezing – portable toilets in cold weather can be at risk of freezing. Thankfully, by using a reputable company such as ourselves, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best products. Our toilet technicians for example will add a non-toxic solution in order to prevent freezing. There’s also placement to consider, as mentioned above, that will help you provide shelter and offer the sunniest spots for your toilets.
• Use Heaters – this may sound a little crazy but if you’re facing another stint from the Beast From The East, then heaters could come in quite handy. Small portable heaters will fit neatly inside portable toilets. This makes the experience for users a lot more comfortable. They’re also great in severe winter weather when the non-toxic anti-freeze solution may struggle to cope.
• Shield From Strong Winds – winds can be a nightmare, especially for standalone portable toilets. Winds can lead to portable toilets being blown over, which as anyone knows, can be a big problem. As mentioned above, try your best to find suitable cover and when you can, place toilets together, in some instances, a 4 x 4 cube shape can help toilets stand up in the higher winds.

Need Portable Toilets This Winter?

If you find yourself in need of portable toilets this winter, or simply want advice on helping your portable toilets tolerate the higher winds, simply contact us today. Here at euroloo, we’re happy to provide an advisory service and point you in the right direction. Whether you need advice on how/where to place your toilets or which of our range of toilets would be better suited, we’re here to help.

Winter Survival For Portable Toilets

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