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euroloo are on their way to Wembley, sort of..

euroloo are on their way to Wembley, sort of..

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euroloo are on their way to Wembley, sort of..

Be it making Hollywood Movies, TV Documentaries or Reality TV program’s when it comes to needing portable toilet hire in London many of the major production companies turn to euroloo time again wih our reputation for reliability and professional services.One such company was London based Agile Films Ltd who was filming at the spectacular Wembley Stadium complex for an upcoming production and had a need to hire portable toilets in Wembley as on site facilities were unavailable.

Although only two of our single standard event toilets were required on this occasion we had to make sure the toilets were delivered very early morning and then collected at a set time during the day as, like most film shoots they only have access to sets or locations for a set period as they normally cost a fortune with London being one of the top filming destinations in the world.

This was no problem for euroloo as our service drivers are in and around delivering, cleaning and collecting our portables toilets in Wembley every day so we had the tight delivery and collection time covered and the portable toilets were collected on time without fuss.

If you have an event or are in any way involved in the Film or TV industry why not give us a try if you need on site toilet facilities and see why more and in the industry are using our services year on year.

Our London portable toilet hire team are always available to take you call on 0800 61 22 515 to discuss your requirements.

euroloo are on their way to Wembley, sort of..


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