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euroloo have your portable loos for events covered

euroloo have your portable loos for events covered

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euroloo have your portable loos for events covered

Toilet facilities at outdoor events

With the summer season thrust upon us, it brings with it not only wonderful sunshine (for the most part anyway – this is the UK after all) but some rather fabulous outdoor events too. Festival season is in full swing but as the weather warms, so too does our desire to experience almost everything in the great outdoors. From open air cinemas to country fairs and carnivals, the summer here in Essex and the UK’s capital looks to be an exciting one but there’s nothing that can spoil an event quite like an uninviting toilet. Just because you’re venturing into the great outdoors doesn’t mean you’re willing to forgo the odd luxury here and there and toilets can really make or break an event. For those who might not be familiar with the term “glamping”, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about but when you’re forced to ask yourself if answering the call of nature is really that necessary, it’s safe to say the situation is pretty bad indeed.

How many of you have tried your hardest to persuade your friends to give the festival experience a go with the only reason for their refusal being the dreaded toilet facilities? Is it an urban myth or perhaps a stinking reality? Let’s face it, the vast majority of us have tried our best to avoid using the loos at places like these for three, sometimes four days in a row but it doesn’t matter how much a dodgy kebab and chips can stop your usual bodily functions, it’s only a question of time before nature comes knocking on your tent door. It’s at this point when realisation hits and you know you have no choice but to venture into the hideous excuse for a toilet in front of you but what if you didn’t have to face such horrors? What if you could avoid the basic portable loo that’s no doubt been treated hideously by the hundreds of people that visited before you?

Luxury toilet trailer hire can turn your event around

For event holders nationwide, the quandary of the luxury outdoor loo is always something of a head scratcher but it needn’t be anymore. Whether you’re hosting a wedding that requires a little opulence for those wanting to powder their nose or even a bank holiday village fair that could do with somewhere a little less “industrial” in which to spend a penny, then our luxury toilets could be just the ticket. We’re not talking about a little elbow grease on a regular toilet here; we’re talking about the Rolls Royce of outdoor toilets. They’re private and they’re lockable, which for the ladies can be a godsend given a guys tendency to not bother looking before barging in but that’s not all.

Our luxury toilet trailers don’t just provide clean and pleasant facilities on the inside; they also offer a sparkling white exterior which means they’re guaranteed to blend in with any upmarket event. Unlike a lot of other so-called luxury toilets that can often appear a little shabby chic should we say, their brand new crisp white shell makes them ideal for pairing with marquees and other such high-end temporary structures where a little elegance is needed. They come in two different options encompassing a 1 female + 1 male luxury toilet trailer option and a 2 female + 1 male luxury toilet trailer option. Both comprise private hand washing facilities and steps leading up to the toilets themselves.

Mucky cubicles and slurry pits are now a thing of the past and needn’t be a reason for people to refrain from venturing outside. For more information on luxury toilet trailer hire from euroloo Ltd then please do contact us for free on 0800 61 22 515.

euroloo have your portable loos for events covered


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