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Are your builders loos enough for the Health and Safety regulations?
Commercial Toilet Hire from euroloo

Are your builders loos enough for the Health and Safety regulations?

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Are your builders loos enough for the Health and Safety regulations?

Did you know that roughly 70,000 construction site workers have health issues? Health and safety regulations here in the UK now state that construction sites should be providing sufficient welfare facilities in order to reduce illness but before you jump the gun and hire just a chemical toilet or two, welfare facilities encompass a lot more than just a portable loo.

In addition to regular builders loos, regulations now state that you must supply your construction workers with hot water wash portable toilets where necessary in order to help prevent skin conditions. With more and more emphasis now being put on site accommodation and welfare, construction sites must now make a conscious effort to meet the higher standards of health and safety but with the help of our expert team here at euroloo, that’s now easier than ever before. euroloo can now help create safe working conditions by offering hot wash toilet hire along with welfare unit hire too. So before you break out in a sweat at the thought of the HSE inspecting your construction site, let euroloo give you the helping hand you need. We’ll ensure that you’re within health and safety regulations as you should be with the help of our builders loos and welfare units. Here’s just a little more information on just what it is we can offer.

Mains connected builders loos – if your construction site is lucky enough to have mains drainage then euroloo can offer you mains connected builders loos that you can plumb straight in to the existing manholes. This will mean that you’ll be able to offer your workers a fully functional toilet with hot water sink and a fully flushing cistern. It’s worth noting that this will be delivered curbside and requires a competent plumber on site to install it. As we’re aware that some of you require mains connected toilets to be placed in situ for quite some time, we also offer them for sale.

Welfare unit hire – in order to comply with the changes in Health and Safety at Work for Welfare Facilities as briefly mentioned above, you may also find our 6-person welfare unit particularly useful. Not only would it mean you supplying your workforce with a chemical toilet and hot washbasin on site but you’d also be supplying them with a 6-person canteen area, drinking water, microwave oven and even heating for the winter months. There’s a reason this has become increasingly popular since the changes to health and safety and it’s for the simple fact that it covers all bases. The cost of the welfare unit hire also includes a free weekly service of the on board chemical toilet with no location too remote.

If you’re just about to have a workforce join a construction site of yours but you aren’t entirely sure about the facilities it is you need then please do contact us today. We’re always happy to offer advice, free with no obligation. If you’d like to find out more information regarding our products then contact us today on 0800 61 22 515.

Are your builders loos enough for the Health and Safety regulations?

Commercial Toilet Hire from euroloo

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