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A shortage of event toilets could scupper your plans
Luxury Event Toilet for hire

A shortage of event toilets could scupper your plans

A shortage of event toilets could scupper your plans

You may remember back in 2012, the world famous Glastonbury festival being cancelled. While the vast majority of people had it put down to a shortage of police officers due to the London Olympics, the festival organiser Michael Eavis, also recalls a shortage of portable loo hire being one of the main reasons to shut down the event. The huge shortage in and around the capital meant a significant lack of event toilets everywhere else.

Despite Glastonbury being one of the biggest festivals in the world, alongside the likes of Coachella in LA and Roskilde in Denmark, they own only half of the event toilets they actually need resulting in them needing to hire the rest. As a result of huge demand for them during the London Olympics however, they were unable to locate any at a reasonable cost and were inevitably forced to close down the festival. In spite of regularly taking a year off every five or six years, this unexpected turn of events meant closing the festival earlier than usual and disappointing their loyal attendees but this doesn’t just happen to events the size of Glastonbury.

The sweaty months of June, July and August are usually the busiest times of year for not just us at euroloo but the rest of Britain’s estimated 350-400 portable loo hire companies. Not only have you got your usual national sporting events and your festivals (including Glastonbury where 650 units are needed alone) but you’ve also got a myriad of smaller local events such as fetes, gymkhanas, country fairs, sports days and weddings. Throw in something as huge as the Olympics or a particularly love filled year with a few more weddings than normal and it’s not exactly your bog-standard summer (if you’ll pardon the pun). As a result, posh loos can become hot property and whilst some grab their much-needed quota in the nick of time, others are left without which forces them to shut down but that doesn’t have to be an issue thanks to our professional team here at euroloo.

euroloo are specialists in event toilet hire

We’re specialists when it comes to providing party toilet hire and have become well known for it throughout London, Essex and the surrounding counties. We can supply hundreds of posh loos to befit any level of event from businesses supplying the catering for weddings to local town shows and parties. Not only can we offer the portable loos you need but we can offer them at one of the most affordable rates out there, ensuring your visitors (whether that’s in the 100’s or 1000’s) are provided with adequate toilets facilities for the whole duration of your event.

Our event toilets hire team have everything covered

euroloo have been supplying portable loos for events since 2003 and as a result have become experts within this sector so it doesn’t matter if you need 1 or 100 hundred cheap portable toilets because our specialist event team can have them delivered and set up ready for your arriving visitors. This then leaves you to focus on the smooth running of your event while your guests enjoy clean and immaculately maintained facilities that are perfectly suited to their job. If you’d like some more advice then you can call euroloo on 0800 61 25 515 and speak to us free with no obligations.

A shortage of event toilets could scupper your plans

Luxury Event Toilet for hire

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