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Would you like a years FREE portable toilet hire? #tradetalk
FREE Builders Loo Hire

Would you like a years FREE portable toilet hire? #tradetalk

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Would you like a years FREE portable toilet hire? #tradetalk

Here at euroloo, we’re always doing everything in our power to make things more affordable for you and one way we’d like to do that is to offer our customers free site toilet hire. Now of course, as much as we’d love to give everyone free site toilet hire, it’s simply impossible which is why we introduced this fantastic new scheme. In order to grab free site toilet hire, all you need to do is recommend 5 new customers to us at euroloo who hire a toilet from us. Now while 5 may sound like a lot of people to recommend, when you’re working within the construction industry, your list of contacts will more often than not, extend far beyond the number 5.

To help you on your mission to free site toilet hire however, we thought we’d give you a few pointers to start off with and what better way to recommend someone a portable toilet hire company than by talking about your own experiences? From the quality of each portable toilet to the benefits having such facilities at your site can offer, it’s all worth mentioning.

<h2>Recommend 5 friends for free site toilet hire!</h2>

Quality of portable toilets – With euroloo, you can guarantee quality! Our portable toilets are built om house ourselves which means no matter where you need to site them, or how long for, our quality portable toilets will stand to the test and then some. They’re such quality products in fact that a number of customers have gone on to purchase ex-hire portable toilets, using them for a number of years themselves. Now that’s what you call quality.

Benefits to your construction site – The benefits to any construction site are plentiful. From ensuring a safe, hygienic environment for your workers saving time. That’s right. If you lack toilet facilities on site, then your workers will no doubt leave site (in some cases several times a day) in search of toilet facilities. While this may only be a minute or two, depending where the nearest toilet facilities are, this can soon add up to a lot of lost working hours over the course of a year and an entire workforce. Having a toilet on site, could therefore save you hours of lost time and as they say, time is money.

Weekly toilet cleans – One thing that seems to put people off of hiring a portable toilet is the fact that they’d have to clean them, especially when hired over a longer period of time. With euroloo however, this simply isn’t the case. With each toilet hired, you get to enjoy a free weekly clean to ensure that everything’s clean, tidy and running smoothly. Not only do we supply the toilet, but we remove the waste too. What more could you want?

Of course, there are a host of other benefits when it comes to site toilet hire from euroloo, including extremely competitive pricing but we’d say the points above are more than enough to make your contacts realise the benefits of using the UK’s biggest portable toilet hire company. If you’d like more information about free portable toilet hire, contact us today, just call or click – 0800 6122515.


Would you like a years FREE portable toilet hire? #tradetalk

FREE Builders Loo Hire

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