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Winter Tips For Your Septic Tank

Winter Tips For Your Septic Tank

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Winter Tips For Your Septic Tank

Winter Tips For Your Septic Tank

We thought we would share some winter tips for your septic tank. Cold air and snow can bring some pretty unique challenges in terms of maintenance. To avoid serious damage and costly repairs, check out our ultimate winter tips!

Insulate Your Septic Tank

Before the bitterly cold weather arrives, you will want to insulate your septic tank. While you can’t do something as simple as buy it a hat and scarf, there are a few fairly simple options. Think blankets and insulated covers such as lush vegetation over and around your tank. Do think about the plants you’ll be using as some can wreak havoc for the system. Keeping the tank warm is essential to prevent freezing of the waste and other components.

Aerate The Soil Around Your Tank

If soil isn’t correctly aerated then water cannot pass through it. This will mean your drain field will be unable to filter the wastewater. When the drain field is unable to do its job properly, you’ll find yourself with contaminated ground water as well as a problematic septic tank.

Carry Out Repair Work On Your Septic Tank

Leaking pipes will freeze and once they thaw, you’ll find those leaking pipes will burst. Clogs in pipes will also lead to pipes freezing easily and once again, when they thaw, they can easily burst. Burst pipes can and often do result in rather significant repair costs, not something you want to have to pay for or endure in the middle of winter. Check for clogged and leaky pipes and ensure they’re repaired quickly. Think ‘damage control’.

Warn Guests Of Your Septic Tank

Christmas, New Years and pretty much any weekend throughout winter, guests are inevitable. Regardless of the holidays, people often choose to ‘stay in’ and avoid the wintery weather. With that in mind, it’s good practice to expect guests and prepare for them. Likewise, it’s also good practice to warn your guests about your septic tank. Make sure they know what they can and can’t flush down the loo. Stagger showers and try to avoid too much use of appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

Septic Tank Emptying .

Last but not least, pump your tank. The last thing anyone wants to do is head into winter with a full tank. The hard, frozen ground can make digging into your tank difficult. Add into that a layer of snow and it becomes a mammoth task to reach your septic tank. To avoid these issues, we suggest having your tanked pumped before the snow hits.

If you’d like more information on emptying your septic tank contact us today.

Winter Tips For Your Septic Tank

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