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Let’s Make A ‘Movement’ For World Toilet Day
World Toilet Day

Let’s Make A ‘Movement’ For World Toilet Day

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Let’s Make A ‘Movement’ For World Toilet Day

They say every dog has its day but in this case it would seem that every bog has its day too. Did you know Thursday 19th November is officially World Toilet Day? So where exactly did this originate and for what purpose? Well, it may surprise you to know that World Toilet day has actually been around since 19th November 2001, that’s right, a whopping 14 years. The reason it first began was simply to draw attention to the world sanitation crisis. World Toilet Day, WTD, was therefore used as a means of drawing attention to the fact that so many people across the globe still have inadequate (and in some cases non-existent) access to sanitation facilities.

What many people fail to realise is the fact that the sanitation crisis, all be it a silent one, is very much a ticking time bomb that’s slowly affecting billions of people all around the globe. Back in 2001, the very subject of sanitation received little to no media attention what so ever and as a result, the topic was severely neglected. 14 years on however and the subject has now become somewhat of a priority for world leaders. Given the scale and impact that the world sanitation crisis has however, priorities are still not as they should be and it’s now time for toilets to become an urgent global priority.

Would it stun you to learn that 1 in 3 people still do not have adequate access to clean and safe toilets? Would you believe that 1000 children die every single day as a result of poor sanitation facilities or an entire lack there of? The fact of the matter is, this topic simply isn’t being discussed enough and as Jack Sim, WTD founder says, “What we don’t discuss, we can’t improve.” While many find the subject of toilets taboo, the rest of us must wake up and realise just how important it is that we get this discussion the media attention it deserves in order to really achieve something. Quite simply put, clean sanitation facilities are a matter of dignity, equality and safety. It’s absolutely crucial in the improvement of health and wellbeing amongst communities.

Before you step aside however, believing this to be a topic best left to the big guys, there are ways that you can help. Whether you want to ‘raise a stink’ and help to build awareness for the topic or fund raise by holding an event of your very own, every little bit helps. If you’re struggling for ideas however, then here are a couple of options for you to choose from:

The Urgent Run – now it might be a little late when it comes to taking part (we can see you all breath a sigh of relief) but that doesn’t mean you can’t head along to your local run and give your support in cheers and a few donations. It’s a global run so check out to find your nearest event.

Fundraising in a Flush – jump online and check out our Fundraising in a Flush guide. It’s filled with useful tips as well as some great resources to help you make your UN World Toilet Day a huge success.

If you have any creative thoughts of your own that you’d like to put into motion then we applaud and thank you. Here at euroloo, World Toilet Day is very close to our hearts and rest assured, we’ll be doing our bit to help toward this worthy cause.

Let’s Make A ‘Movement’ For World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day

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