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When Portable Toilets Are A Must!

When Portable Toilets Are A Must!

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When Portable Toilets Are A Must!

Ever hosted a big party or had people stay with you longer than expected? Then you’ll know the pain of queues outside your home’s toilet as well as the worry about the impact of extra ‘use’ on your septic tank. While a short-lived increase in people shouldn’t cause complications, there are of course particular circumstances where renting portable toilets could be not only convenient but an absolute necessity. In the two specific situations below, one of our portable toilets could actually prove a much more cost-effective solution in the long run too.

Home Construction – with the recession firmly behind us, home construction has increased hugely. Whether you’re remodelling or going for gold with a house-changing extension, having a construction crew in your home can wreak havoc. With contractors juggling multiple jobs at once, you’ll find workers coming and going more than you realise. This can be tough for homeowners on a day-to-day basis, having to share their facilities with labourers. What’s more, you may not want to leave your home unlocked all day to allow contractors access. On the other hand, you want to avoid contractors having to leave the premises in search of toilet facilities for the simple fact that it would slow down work. This is where portable toiletscome in handy. Renting portable toilets from euroloo will ensure you aren’t tied to your home while it’s being worked on, keeping contractors on site throughout the whole working day. Let’s not forget the fact it helps avoid the awkward situation of having to share toilet facilities with every contractor on site.

Large Events – from weddings to anniversary parties, we’ve all thrown an important event at one point or another. No matter what the occasion, they’re a great way of getting your nearest and dearest together. The only downside with hosting an event at your home, or even a small venue, is that while there may be more than one toilet, handling the bathroom needs of dozens of people requires professional assistance; unless you want people spending the majority of their time in the queue for the loo. Homes with septic tanks also need to consider whether their tank can handle a sudden influx of water and waste. Just a few hours of extra heavy use could cause unwanted problems such as new cracks and leaks. Renting a portable toiletcould therefore minimise the possible wear and tear. It will also eliminate the dreaded bathroom queues, which let’s face it; no one wants to spend their time in.

With euroloo, you can rely on a fast and super easy service. Just tell us how many toilets you want, where and when you want them and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even collect them as soon as you’re finished. Keeping them for an extended period of time? We’ll clean and service them every seven days for free. Want more information? Contact euroloo on 0800 61 22 515.

When Portable Toilets Are A Must!

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