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The impact of portable toilets…
Portable toilet hire in Surbiton Ealing

The impact of portable toilets…

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The impact of portable toilets…

If you were to ask someone to name one thing that had a big impact on the world, they’d probably suggest things such as the car, the aeroplane or even the sewer system. In fact we guarantee there would be thousands of other answers before anyone would even think of the portable toilet. As crazy as it may sound to you, portable toilets have a rather dynamic impact on the water in terms of preserving water. Each and every single day, 473,000,000 litres of water are saved around the world due to people using portable toilets as opposed to regular toilets. Over the course of a year, that equates to roughly 170 billion litres of water. In addition to this, they’re also pretty adept at protecting our water sources from contamination that can be fatal to not only humans but animal and aquatic life too. Still not convinced of the huge impact portable toilets have had on our world? Let’s look a little deeper shall we?

Dignity – portable toilets have been around for roughly the last fifty years providing us with a dignified manner to deal with one of our most basic needs. Have a think about what safe, portable toilets have done for recreational parks, sports events, construction sites even. Just thinking about this makes it easy to realise the true value of a portable toilet.

Productivity – ask any manager of a construction site and you’ll be faced with the same answer, “portable toilets for a construction site increases productivity hugely”. Talking specifically about construction sites, the hours saved not only equal happy clients whose deadlines have been met but millions of pounds saved too. Time is money as they say and portable toilets provide the best ROI in comparison to nearly all rental equipment.

Protection – as mentioned above, portable toilets play a huge part in preserving and protecting our natural environment and not just in one way; in many ways. Did you know that simply providing portable toilets at events and recreational areas has saved millions of litres of fossil fuel each day around the world by eliminating the need to drive to facilities further afield? They have also saved resources by cutting the need to built thousands of permanent toilet facilities. On top of that, they also happen to be recyclable once their 15 – 30 year lifespan comes to an end. Last but by no means least, they also prevent contamination of our natural resources. Did you know, within out wonderful planet, roughly 40% of the population relieve themselves on the ground. This results in roughly 2 million people dying due to diarrheal related diseases, the majority of whom are children.

Lifesaving – did you know that immediately following the rescue of those having come into contact with natural disasters, drinking water and sanitation facilities are the most critical need? It isn’t just the homeless in need of portable toilets, there are rescue crews, utility workers and even relief organisations all in need of them too.

With this in mind, it’s incredible to see just how much of an impact the portable toilet has had on our world. In need of them yourself? Want to increase productivity on your construction site or stop people having to leave your event? Call us now on 0800 61 22 515

The impact of portable toilets…

Portable toilet hire in Surbiton Ealing

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