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Septic Tanks And Laundry
septic tank dos and don'ts

Septic Tanks And Laundry

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Septic Tanks And Laundry

Septic Tank Maintenance

If you own a septic tank, you’ll know just how important septic tank maintenance is. Using your washing machine in particular can play a vital role in the health of your septic tank. If you do a lot of washing, then you’ll know just how careful you have to be with regards to the amount of water you use. To ensure your septic tank remains in fine working order, here are some top tips from our very own septic tank experts!

Doing Your Laundry With A Septic Tank

• Do Your Washing Over A Few Days – while we would all love to get the washing over and done with in one day, spreading it out over a few days can help your septic tank hugely. Doing all of your washing in one day can put an incredible amount of stress on your septic tank, preventing correct drainage. Simply spreading your washing out over a few days can alleviate that stress. Don’t forget to choose the most economical cycle too to help you save water with every wash load.

• Be Careful With Your Detergent – when you have a septic tank, it’s important that you avoid strong detergents and chemicals. It’s also wise to avoid things like powdered detergents as these contain ingredients, which can clog soil pores, once again leading to improper drainage. Stick with liquid detergents and use as gentle a detergent as you can. You should also avoid any detergents that state they’re ‘antibacterial’ as this will affect the bacterial level and ultimate balance in your tank.

• Rid Your Clothes Of Excess Mud – if you’re about to start washing a particularly muddy pile of clothes, you should try your best to rid them of any excess mud. Whether you brush them off or simply shake them outside, doing what you can to get rid of the excess of mud will avoid any large amounts of mud clogging up your septic system. With large chunks of mud clogging your system, you’re going to find improper drainage occurring and your tank filling faster than you want it to.

• Use A Lint Filter – just as mud can affect your septic tank system, so too can lint from your clothes. Lint can bind and then have trouble breaking down when in your septic tank. To help your septic system as much as possible, install a lint filter into the water line of your washing machine. This will trap the lint and prevent it from ever reaching your septic tank.

For Septic Tank Maintenance, Contact Us Today

Ensuring your septic tanks are in great condition requires regular maintenance and consideration throughout the year. For more information on our septic tank emptying, simply contact us today.

Septic Tanks And Laundry

septic tank dos and don'ts

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