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No Portable Toilets? Big Problem!

No Portable Toilets? Big Problem!

No Portable Toilets? Big Problem!

The Dangers Of Going Portable Toilets

Here at euroloo, we’ve seen it all. From John O Grouts to Lands End, you name it; we’ve delivered there. From construction sites to private residences, we’ve seen a whole myriad of different locations and circumstances. Nothing much surprises us anymore apart from one thing; the amount of people who choose to hold an event without portable toilets.

We get it, they’re not the most glamorous thing in the world. They’re toilets at the end of the day. In fact, we bet there are a great deal of people out there who’d prefer not to talk about them altogether. The issue begins however when people begin to use alternative methods when they find themselves without one.

You’ve no doubt seen it yourself, guys wee’ing up against a tree, women squatting behind bushes while their friends hold their bags. That’s all very well and good when nature calls and only discusses the need for a quick whizz but what about if you need the other?

It’s gross right? People would rather not acknowledge the fact that we all do it, rather than actually deal with the problem in hand but talk about it we must. Nature is nature, we all partake in the dreaded number two and what’s worse, when we’re faced with a distinct lack of facilities, people are opting (like they have they any choice) to do it wherever they are.

E-coli Outbreak

As of January 22, 2018, several people across the US were recorded as having contracted the dreaded disease – E-coli. There were even two reported deaths tied to it. The source of the outbreak? A batch of tainted lettuce which was believed to have been caused by human faeces being mixed in with the lettuce.

While it may seem weird to some, it’s becoming far less uncommon for vegetables to come into contact with faeces. The majority of the problems come from animals flying over ahead or walking through however, animals aren’t the only ones needing bathroom breaks in the fields. From farm workers themselves to attendees of the latest outdoor festival/event, people are becoming more and more likely to defecate in a field, despite what may be growing in there, when there are no toilets available. The question is, would you want this on your conscience?

euroloo For Portable Toilets

Whether you’re hosting an event for one hour or one week, the need for toilets is a given. Here at euroloo, we provide competitive pricing of some of the best quality portable toilets out there. There really is no excuse when it comes to ensuring your event has the necessary sanitation facilities. So what are you waiting for? Call today on 0808 291 2676; we’ll ensure your event guests are catered for and you have no worries about angry farmers and ruined crops.

No Portable Toilets? Big Problem!

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