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Top benefits of portable toilets on construction sites
Portable Toilets Hire Prices Rising

Top benefits of portable toilets on construction sites

Top benefits of portable toilets on construction sites

Construction site portable toilet hire benefits

Construction site portable toilets are probably the smartest choice for any building site. Not only can they help to increase productivity but they’re great for the environment too. Not to mention the overall benefits they can offer to any job. More specifically, they can save you and your business a large amount of money and here’s how.

When it comes to planning the logistics of any construction site, the different things to think about and consider can feel endless. Amongst worker safety, fencing and access for trucks, the issue of portable toilets can seem like a minor detail and as a result will often get left to the last minute. But did you know that there are a number of laws that require plans at construction sites, which includes portable toilets, to be submitted in advance? While it might seem hugely tempting to do away with portable toilets entirely and leave the work force to find their own means of relief, you’ll be doing a great disservice to not just your workers, but to the job and your own company too.

Construction site toilets from euroloo will keep you on the good side of the law

Hiring portable toilets for your building site isn’t just a great idea either, it’s actually the law. The Health and Safety Executive within the Provision of welfare facilities during construction work states, “…So far as is reasonably practicable you need to provide flushing toilets and running water, connected to mains water and drainage systems. If this is not possible, facilities with a built-in water supply and drainage tanks should be used. Portable chemical toilets are acceptable only if it is not reasonably practicable to make other adequate provision.” On top of this the HSE states that you must provide an adequate number of toilets, which will all, “depend on the number of workers on site and type of facilities provided” but that’s not all. As part of the Provision of welfare facilities during construction work, you must also provide adequate washing facilities next to the toilets. Failure to comply with the law won’t just cost you time but it’ll also cost you an awful amount of money as well as an unwelcomed headache. This can all be avoided however by simply covering your bases and renting portable toilets for your construction site.

As mentioned previously, although you might not necessarily think it, having portable toilets at your construction site can actually increase productivity and rather dramatically too. The reason for this? With no portable toilets at a site, workers will often wander off site in search of restrooms and with many store policies now stating only customers may use restrooms, it might not be a two-minute wander. If you took the time to make a note of how often a worker leaves the site to use a restroom, you’d probably be quite surprised. Couple this with the collected amount of time they’re actually off site for (with the odd toilet break turning into a smoke break) and you’d probably begin to feel a little queasy at the amount of time and money you’re actually losing on any given job. On top of this, workers continually wandering off site into your local McDonalds can very easily cause bad relationships with site neighbours and lead to even more unnecessary headaches. Renting construction site portable toilets means you’re not only providing toilets and eradicating any excuses for leaving the site but you could also be providing sanitation facilities too. Workers would therefore be present all of the time and accountable. Your company would save money and your workers would be spending more time actually doing the job.

Hire construction site toilets from euroloo and befriend the environment

Did you know there also happen to be environmentally friendly benefits to be had from hiring construction site toilets too? As we all know, regular toilets are huge water wasters and if you consider the fact that an average construction site may have a ten crew team each working a forty hour week, they can easily generate around thirty gallons of waste. Conventional toilets would need around 2,500 gallons of clean water in order to treat that waste but some portable toilets on the other hand would need a mere 30 gallons to do the very same job. While you might not be so environmentally friendly as you should, we guarantee you’ll be trying your hardest when you realise that what’s good for the environment is also good for business as you can then boast of your environmental consciousness of your construction site to clients.

Hiring construction site toilets is by far the smartest choice. Save the headaches of falling short of regulations and law while boosting productivity at the same time. For a quick quote from our expert team here at euroloo, click here.

Top benefits of portable toilets on construction sites

Portable Toilets Hire Prices Rising

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