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euroloo provide temporary toilet facilities for LFEPA training exercise
euroloo working with LFB

euroloo provide temporary toilet facilities for LFEPA training exercise

euroloo provide temporary toilet facilities for LFEPA training exercise

Having acquired the contract for the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, euroloo now not only provide emergency portable toilet hire for incidents all over London and the South East, we also now assist in training exercises where sanitation facilities may be needed. These can range from small scale to much larger scale training exercises and 2016 looks to be the biggest one yet and we’re very much looking forward to being a part of it.

The London Fire Brigade have very recently signed an agreement with RWE npower, which will see one of their disused power stations playing host to London’s biggest ever training exercises. What’s more, it’ll incorporate a multi-agency attendance. The training exercise, Exercise Unified Response, has been over a year in its planning stage due to the fact that it’s such a large scale and rather complex exercise. The disused power station in question is the Littlebrook Power Station in Kent with the exercise taking place between 29th February and 3rd March. The training incident itself will see the scene transformed into one of complete destruction with significant building collapse involving train stations and mass casualties.

All of our wonderful emergency services within the London area will be involved including local and national authorities but that’s not all. This training exercise is so large scale that we’ll also be seeing specialised teams from across the UK, Hungary, Cyprus and even Italy taking part.

An Assistant Commissioner from the London Fire Brigade, Pete Cowup had this to say, “We wanted a location that allowed us to create an extremely challenging training environment for our national and international rescue teams. Littlebrook Power Station provides the perfect space for us to create a complex scenario to ensure that all participants will be faced with a very realistic scene and an opportunity to practice other key emergency response functions. I’d like to thank RWE for their generosity in helping the Brigade by providing us with access to a unique and highly realistic training environment. This is a great example of how the business community can play a key role in a shared priority to keep Londoners safe.”

So with such a huge amount of pressure and focus on the different emergency services involved, where do we fit in? Well, as you can only imagine, a training exercise of this scale will not only require a lot of equipment and resources, but an awful lot of people too. With a large amount of people on the scene at any incident or training exercise such as this, sanitation facilities are paramount to ensure smooth running. With our expertise in such an area and of course our ability to provide emergency portable toilet hire, we were of course only too happy to provide portable toilet hire and emergency gas showers, for such an event. Not only will we get to see our city’s finest emergency services going above and beyond in the name of training and preparedness, but we get to be a part of it. Gary Mead, Director here at euroloo had this to say, “As an existing approved supplier to London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority we were delighted to have provided these additional services for this project that included our emergency gas showers and portable toilets as part of the site set up ready for use between now and next year”.

euroloo provide temporary toilet facilities for LFEPA training exercise

euroloo working with LFB

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