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Septic Tanks In The Summer

Septic Tanks In The Summer

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Septic Tanks In The Summer

You may have noticed that over the last six months we’ve offered a great deal of advice for your septic tanks and septic systems in terms of winter and spring conditions and quite right too. With freezing conditions and heavy rainfall, there are problematic situations a-plenty but what about summer time? Sadly, it’s so easy to just forget about your septic tank when summer arrives. For one reason or another, be it summer holidays, vacations, relaxing in your garden with a glass of Pimms and even family BBQ’s, your septic tank is often the last thing on your mind. You’re not the only one too. This is the case for the vast majority of septic tank owners and while the majority that are left and forgotten will often be fine, you are unfortunately leaving yourself open to a great number of potential hazards. This is especially the case if you’re a homeowner who enjoys entertaining, whether it’s summer BBQ’s, the odd birthday bash and even an anniversary affair because frequent guests mean frequent use of your septic tank. Increased water usage due to more people using your water facilities, whether that’s toilets, dishwashers or showers means the possibility of overloading your system resulting in an overflow. The question is, what can you do to overcome this? Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of top tips for your septic tank in summer time. Here goes:

Pump the septic tank: It’s always a good idea to check when ourselves, or another company last serviced it. If it was quite a while ago and you plan on having a large number of people to visit, be it a party or continual visits over the summer, then you may want to get it pumped again. Better still, if you’re throwing an event then simply hire a portable toilet to give your septic tank a well deserved break.

Talk to your guests: While it’s not always the favourite topic of conversation, having a chat with your guests about your septic tank (the dos and don’ts) will make them more familiar. Some people have simply never dealt with such a system and as such may flush certain items down the system that shouldn’t be down there. This can result in blockages and clogged systems.

Remind yourself of your septic tank’s location: It’s important that even in summer, you avoid allowing people to park on top of your septic tank as damage can still occur, causing a number of issues resulting in the need for repair or replacement of the entire system.

Stop overusing sprinklers: Overusing sprinklers on top of or around your septic tank can lead to drainage issues for the simple fact that the surrounding area with struggle to absorb anything else as it becomes saturated by sprinkler water instead.

Summer, especially here in Britain, is super short but correct preventative maintenance will offer you a long and might we add, healthy septic tank system. For more information on keeping your septic tank healthy this coming summer with our annual septic tank empties, or if you’d like to offer a little respite to your septic tank in the form of portable toilets at your next summer BBQ, simply contact us today on 0800 61 22 515.

Septic Tanks In The Summer

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