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Disabled Access Toilets – A Must Have!

Disabled Access Toilets – A Must Have!


Disabled Access Toilets – A Must Have!

Disabled Access Toilets

Did you know, here at euroloo we have a fleet of Disabled Access Portable Toilets? They are the perfect way to provide sanitation facilities in a comfortable and convenient way for those in wheelchairs or in need of assistance via hand rails and ramps.

Disables access toilets, while not a new invention are still relatively unknown for most. Despite there being a significant portion within our ever-growing population in need of some assistance, people are unaware of the ways they can offer that assistance. Without the use of a disabled access toilet however, you are all too often alienating a huge portion of your population.

Why Are Disabled Access Toilets So Important?

In short, disabled access toilets provide a dignified solution. Standard access toilets simply aren’t suitable to meet the needs of those with disabilities. Whether someone’s unable to weight bear because of learning difficulties, brain injury or even simple age-related health problems, standard toilets can be quite the obstacle. Disabled access toilets however, offer that much needed extra support and most importantly, space.

When you consider that a whopping 83% of people have chosen not to visit somewhere, avoiding events, simply because they do not have a disabled toilet exposes the need for such toilets at any event or workplace.

What Makes Our Toilets So Special?

So just what is it that makes our disabled access toilets so special? Well, a multitude of things come together to create one amazing portable toilet. Firstly, it offers a much larger footprint and a wider than average door. This allows plenty of room for wheelchair users and of course, any carers that may be with them at the time.

All of our disabled access toilets also offer much needed hand rails, along with a simple flush mechanism for ease of use. They also come complete with auto lock too for that extra added security when using them.

Our disabled access toilets are also an incredible asset in that they boast baby changing facilities also. They offer a pull down changing table with room for parents and pushchairs. This makes them a great investment when hiring as they double up as both disabled access toilets and baby changing facilities.

euroloo Have You Covered

Toilets are very often the last thing on the list. They’re the least glamorous aspect of any event however, they’re also one of the most important aspects. Ensuring you have the necessary toilet facilities will mean your event will cater for anyone and everyone. Being an inclusive event or workspace will only cement your dedication to provide the best service possible, for all.

For more information on our disabled access toilets, simply contact us today. Our team will be happy to explain everything there is to know, including how many you may need for your particular event or worksite.

Disabled Access Toilets – A Must Have!

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