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Factors To Consider For Toilet Hire

Factors To Consider For Toilet Hire

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Factors To Consider For Toilet Hire

What To Consider When Hiring Toilets

We created the ultimate FAQ’s when it came to portable toilet hire in February but what we didn’t cover are the questions you need to ask yourself before you dive into toilet hire. Here are just some of the factors you need to consider to ensure you’re on the road to successful toilet hire, whatever the occasion.

From Location To Accessibility: Here’s Toilet Hire 101

Consider Your Location – before hiring portable toilets, it’s a good idea to consider your location. Is it flat? Do you need to create some hard standing depending on the time of year? Do you have access to a mains connection? If so, you could benefit from fully flushing toilets. In the middle of a field? Then you’ll need a fully enclosed toilet that has its own waste tank and a solution to neutralize the smell and bacteria, otherwise known as chemical site toilets.

Consider Your Accessibility – When your toilets are delivered, they usually arrive strapped securely to the back of a lorry. Does the access to your desired location provide enough room for a large lorry? Then it may be worth discussing this with our team. They’ll be able to advise the delivery crew to bring them via a 4×4 if possible. Like wise, if you think someone would struggle to move a portable toilet along the desired pathway to their destination, then you may benefit from using our confined space toilets.

Will You Need Extra Servicing? – Will people be there just for one evening or do you intend to have a full flow of people using the toilets throughout the day over multiple days? Then you may require extra servicing on top of the one free service that comes with each toilet hired per week. Again, this is something that can easily be arranged by simply requesting when you hire.

Do You Need Long-Term or Short-Term Hire? – Will you need our toilets for one evening? One week? One month or perhaps even longer? Having an idea of how long you’ll need to rent our toilets for in advance will make for a much smoother transaction when organising your hire agreement. It may also mean we can suggest a more cost-effective option for you in terms of buying a portable toilet for much less than a long-term hire agreement and simply utilizing our servicing as and when you need.

Will You Need Hand Wash Facilities? – Will the location of your toilets provide hand washing facilities or will you need these too? By having an idea as to whether or not you need these will mean you can organise the hire of both toilets and hand wash stands at the same time.

How Many People Do You Expect To Be Using Toilets Daily? – While you may not be able to decide on how many toilets you need, by having a rough idea of how many people you expect to attend your event or construction site will help us help you decide on an appropriate number of toilets.

Help euroloo To Help You!

By having these snippets of information to hand, our team at euroloo HQ will be able to ensure you’re hiring the right amount of toilets, along with the right type of toilets. For more information, contact us today.

Factors To Consider For Toilet Hire

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