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The Rules & Regulations on Septic and Foul Drainage soakaways..
tips to keep your septic tank working correctly

The Rules & Regulations on Septic and Foul Drainage soakaways..

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The Rules & Regulations on Septic and Foul Drainage soakaways..

If you are planning on install a septic tank it is important that you pay close attention to the current rules and regulations regarding drainage.

Any drainage field must be a minimum distance from:

Buildings – 15 metres

Boundaries – 2 metres

Water abstraction point (well, spring or borehole) – 50 metres

Watercourse (a ditch, stream or river) – 10 metres

No access roads, driveways, pathways or buildings are to bewithin the drainage field area and if it is in a field, then tractors nor any heavy plant are not allowed to drive over it.

No water or electric cable or pipes should be within the drainage field area.

The bedrock or water table should not, at any time, be within 1.2 metres of the drainage field or its pipework.

These are purely basic guidelines, for any further information on septic tank emptying or septic tank installations please cal lour team on 0800 61 22 515.

The Rules & Regulations on Septic and Foul Drainage soakaways..

tips to keep your septic tank working correctly

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