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Portable Toilets – Winter Use Instructions

Portable Toilets – Winter Use Instructions


Portable Toilets – Winter Use Instructions

Using Portable Toilets Through Winter

When most think of portable toilets they tend to think of summer time events and cool autumn evenings. What about the winter? At euroloo we have a number of clients throughout the winter months and for good reason. Portable toilets are just as useful during our coldest season. Think winter inspired outdoor events to skiing and temporary ice rinks. With such cold weather however, there are of course some added precautions. Here are some of our top tips.

Top Tips For Portable Loos In Winter

Choose The Best Location – you want your portable loo to be as accessible as possible. If the temperatures are below freezing which is often in the UK, grit the area. You’ll also want to avoid putting them in somewhere that could get too muddy during heavy rainfall. Not only will they be inaccessible to the public, but they’ll be too difficult to pick up by our lorries.

Have Frequent Servicing – when hiring a portable toilet with euroloo, your hire agreement includes one weekly service of each toilet. During extreme weather conditions however, you may benefit from extra servicing in order to prevent the chemicals inside from freezing when the temperature really drops. Let’s face it, extra servicing is never going to be a bad thing.

Find A Sunny Spot – even on the coldest day, they’ll always be a spot of sun. While it may not feel warm to you, know that it will make a difference. Sunny spots can help to keep your toilets warm throughout the day. This in turn prevents them from freezing, keeping them comfortable and functional.

Shield From Wind – here in the UK we can experience high winds at any time of year. Winter just makes it more common. High winds can lead to portable toilets tipping over. Whether they’ve just been sited or not, this is an unfortunate incident. By locating them by a building, by a wall or another sturdy structure, you offer support. This is essential for stopping any damage or god forbid, bad experiences happening.

Heaters Can Help – sometimes drastic times call for drastic action and in some cases, heaters are needed. Sometimes, there’s just no shielding from cold weather. Heaters can not only help prevent toilets from freezing but they’ll also provide a much more comfortable setting for users.

With these tips in your back pocket, hiring portable toilets during the coldest winter months need never be a problem. If however, you still have some concerns, rest assured we’re at the end of a phone whenever you need us.

euroloo are the UK’s leading portable toilet supplier

euroloo have become the UK’s leaders when it comes to hiring portable toilets. We travel nationwide to provide portable toilet hire for weddings, construction sites, events and more. Want more information? Contact us today on 0800 6122515.

Portable Toilets – Winter Use Instructions

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