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Portable Toilets: Not Just For Festivals
event toilet hire

Portable Toilets: Not Just For Festivals

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Portable Toilets: Not Just For Festivals

Portable Toilets: Not Just For Festivals

Hear the words ‘portable toilet’ and most people think back to their last festival. Depending what sector you work in, you may even think of construction sites too. They’ve become synonymous with both scenarios. Helping construction workers find relief in a busy construction site, keeping staff on site and production levels up while offering attendees of the latest London music festival the ability to run to the loo in the middle of an open field. Portable toilets are awesome, what’s more, they no longer carry around the same old reputation they once did. Unpleasant odours have been and gone, unsightly, dirty exteriors that once were are no more. Now with a cleaner, fresher appearance, they’ve become an incredibly versatile piece of kit, something our ever-growing client base are taking full advantage of. Here at euroloo, we own a fleet of portable toilets that range in size and also what they offer. From the basic chemical site toilet to the more luxury event toilet trailer; we’ve got it all. We even offer sanitation facilities with hot and cold running water as well as wash down stations.

The Versatile Portable Loo

Being so versatile has meant the popularity of the portable toilet has increased hugely. From outdoor music festivals and construction sites to a myriad of different events. In fact, we now have clients hiring them for a number of different occasions, from house parties to charity events. Are you having work carried out at your house? Maybe a bathroom renovation that will leave your home without the necessary toilet facilities for your family? Then we have exactly what you need from stand alone portable toilets to mains connected toilets with fully working flush and running water. Do you have a charity event coming up? Struggling to find somewhere with the necessary toilet facilities? Then perhaps hiring portable toilets would open up a whole host of different locations where sanitation facilities were an issue? Depending on the event in question, we have basic portable toilets all the way through to luxury toilets with wooden accessories for the ultimate appeal.
Throwing a wedding but can’t afford that luxury outdoor cabin? Then why not hire one of our luxury toilet trailers with toilet and hand wash facilities? Not only does it mean everyone gets to enjoy your outdoor wedding but they get to do so in style too?

Portable Toilets: The Answer To Your Prayers

Portable toilets are the answer to so many problems. They’ve come to the rescue of many a bride or event organiser and in some cases, very short notice too. Portable toilets are one of the most underestimated pieces of kit despite being used all around the world, across a variety of sectors in both commercial and domestic purposes. For more information, simply contact us on 0800 6122515 today.

Portable Toilets: Not Just For Festivals

event toilet hire

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