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Portable Toilets For Sports Events

Portable Toilets For Sports Events


Portable Toilets For Sports Events

Portable Toilets For Sports Events

Moving on from one of our recent blogs regarding portable toilets and marathons, we thought we’d delve a little deeper. Today we’re going to look at portable toilets and sporting events in general. We’re not talking about why you need them or even where to put them. Today we’re going to be looking at top tips to ensure you get the best out of them, as do your event attendees. Let’s face it, portable toilets have a reputation for being smelly, but it doesn’t have to be the case. At your next sports event, fight against the stereotype and provide the best portable toilet facilities around – with a little help from euroloo.

Top Tips For Toilets At Sports Events

Use Deodorisers – portable toilets are small and as such, smells can become a problem quickly is overly used. Thankfully, just as they can easily become a problem, so too can this very easily be prevented. Deodorisers are a great way to ensure a continuous, pleasant scent. With sporting events such as road races, obstacle courses and even sports days, spectators and participants will all be using them. Deodorisers will ensure everyone gets a pleasant experience. If you do choose a deodoriser, consider ones that boasts a disinfecting property. Kill two birds with one stone by enjoying a clean and disinfected space.

Use Flushing Toilets Where Possible – where possible, it’s certainly worth looking at toilets with a fully flushing mechanism. Where access to mains allows, having a fully flushing mechanisms helps even further in the fight against smells and appearance by avoiding stagnant liquid over long periods of time. You could always mix your toilet options and opt for mains connected toilets as well as stand-alone, self-contained portable toilets. This is ideal for those wanting to provide VIP areas, ensuring a luxurious option for everything.

Hire Enough Toilets – there’s nothing worse than hiring too few toilets. Paying close attention to your estimated numbers of attendees will ensure not only that you have enough toilets to minimise queues but also avoid overuse of the toilets you have in situ. Overuse could result in bad smells and of course, people becoming increasingly frustrated when they have to spend more time than they wish waiting for an available toilet to use. Hire enough portable toilets to ensure your guests aren’t put off or made to feel unhappy during the event. It could easily tarnish an otherwise great day.

Consider Hand Hygiene – hand hygiene, so important yet so easily forgotten. In fact you’d be surprised to find out just how many events forget hand hygiene entirely. Keep your attendees germ free and prevent the spread of disease with ease with something as simple as our wash stands. Simple, easy to use and self-contained.

Contact euroloo For All Your Portable Toilet Needs

Here at euroloo, we have an array of portable toilets from fully flushing, mains connected toilets to stand alone portable toilets. We will ensure your sporting event goes off with a bang, with fresh, clean toilet facilities every time.

Portable Toilets For Sports Events

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