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Portable Toilets for Deep Sea Fishermen – Yes, You Read it Right! #tradetalk

Portable Toilets for Deep Sea Fishermen – Yes, You Read it Right! #tradetalk

Portable Toilets for Deep Sea Fishermen – Yes, You Read it Right! #tradetalk

It should come as no great surprise to you all, that here at euroloo, we love anything toilet related. Be it humour or news, if it’s related to toilets, and portable toilets in particular, we want to hear about it. It’s for this reason then that we just couldn’t take our eyes off of this awesoe news story about a brand new design within the portable toilet industry. With our extensive range of portable toilets, or builders loos as they’re sometimes known, we thought we’d seen it all. We thought we had all bases covered with folding portable toilets, disabled access portable toilets and even luxury event toilets but oh how wrong we were.

The very latest news in the world of portable toilets would suggest that much more can be done. In fact, much more has been done with a portable toilet being created especially for deep sea fishermen. Not only can they be used by deep sea fishermen but they can also help to ensure their safety and hygiene. Sounds pretty amazing right?

The brains behind the project, Professor P Jeyakumar decided that fishermen, specifically deep sea fishermen spent many days at sea in trawlers that were far too small in size and lacked toilet facilities. More often than not, said fishermen merely defecated off of the side of the boats, clinging to wood which as you can imagine was not only bad news for the sea, but also incredibly dangerous, posing a huge risk of falling in.

The Professor spent a number of days out at sea with the fishermen in their boats in order to get a much better idea of just what they have to put up with. He studied their habitat so to speak, before coming back to land to design the toilet. He found the fishermen in mechanised boats, of 49 feet in length had no toilets on board their vessels. Instead they sat on a plank that had been fixed outside of the boat and simply defecated overboard. While some may squirm at the thought, the logic behind it is simple; they did so in order to avoid contaminating the fish on board before it was brought home.

It was for this reason that he designed a portable toilet that was a mere 2×3 feet in size. He also ensured it could be carried around like a trolley and fixed in a corner of a vessel, much like a temporary measure should they want to move it once more. The portable toilet he designed has a sludge tank where the solid waste iss collected and subsequently turned into manure when the vessel returns to shore. The liquid waste however would be dropped directly out to sea. The materials used are of a non-corrosive fibre too, in order to withstand the harsh seawater.

Now, while we can’t get our hands on a deep sea fishing portable toilet just yet, we can offer you portable toilets for your constructions sites. Manufactured from the very best company here in the UK, and priced very competitively to boot, we’re not surprised why we’re the UK’s no.1 portable toilet hire company.

Portable Toilets for Deep Sea Fishermen – Yes, You Read it Right! #tradetalk

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